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The company queue management Computers Reunions, which rents computers, considers need to be revised once a year. The first alternative, with a cost of 750,000 is to make a maintenance manual in which each computer would need a time following an exponential distribution with a mean of 6 hours. The second option would be a maintenance queue management machines, with a cost of one queueing theory million euros, in this case the holding time is hours with an exponential distribution. For both alternatives computers arrive according to a distribution poisson3 day. The time when a computer stand will cost €150 per hour. What alternative should choose the company It is assumed that the company.

In small self-service laundry in the car that enters can not do so until the other is completely extended, has a parking capacity of 10 cars, including the one It is washed. The company has estimated that cars arrive according to a Poisson distribution with a mean of 20 cars/ hour, the service time follows an exponential distribution of 12 minutes. The company is open 10 hours a day. The company Petrol and Oil SA works with oil, how could it be otherwise, that discharge port and leads to the refinery. In the port it has loading docks y4 equipment for unloading the ship. When the docks are full, boats are diverted queue management to wait until spring touch their turn.

Boats arrive as cada2 one half hours. To unload the boat average 10 hours is needed, following an exponential distribution. The airline Siberia has a con telephone exchange lines. The company has a peak calls hours, in which some customers can not contact the company due to heavy traffic of calls (it is known that if the three queue management lines are being used customer will not be retained). The company estimates that, due to strong competition, 60% of unanswered calls using another company. During peak hours calls follow a Poisson distribution with an average of 20 calls each operator emplea6 hour and minutes for each call (exponential distribution).

The average profit of a trip queue management is 210 euros, how much money is lost every day due to missed calls It is assumed that during the hours that are not critical all calls are taken. If each employee costs the company 24 euros/ hour and an employee must trabajar8 hours a day, what is the optimal number of employees Peak hours are always at the same time. The switchboard is never closed and can serve a single employee when there is rush hour. It is assumed that the cost of adding a queueing theory line is despreciable. La academy Great Writers provides an online course to learn to write. Applications are accepted at any time and the course begins immediately. The arrival of new applications follows a Poisson distribution with a mean de8 each month.
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LEDATEK LQ-820 Wireless Queue Management System