2015 Fall Newsletter

Jade Wessels

Becoming a Freshman

Becoming a freshman isn't as bad as everyone spells it out to be. I'm not going to lie, it isn't absolutely wonderful, but it isn't the worst event that has taken place in my life. The first day was everything that I was not expecting. It was fun because we didn't have any work throughout the entire day. About every teacher didn't assign us real work until the week was over with. We were all getting situated into high school while transitioning from the late summer nights to the early school mornings, which was tough. Now the first semester is almost over with and it's time to begin the stressful journey of finals. Good luck to everyone, myself included.

Fair Night

Washington County Fair:

  1. Skylar, Savannah and I arrived and rode a few rides.
  2. We bought drinks and headed over to the stage where Easton Corbin was about to perform.
  3. During the concert we touched his hand a few times, and because Skylar loves him, she freaked out.
  4. Easton threw out guitar picks and one fortunately decided to land near me, so I crawled on the ground to find it.
  5. I went back to the stage and he signed my phone case.
  6. We walked out of the fair grounds, piled into the car, and went home.

Traveling to Midland

For this Thanksgiving break, my family and I traveled to Midland, Texas to my Aunt's house. Since Thanksgiving is towards the end of the year and I happen to live in Texas, it doesn't normally snow. Midland however is a different story. Even though it was still just a bit of sleet, it was still much better than Fayetteville's weather at this time of year. When I think of Thanksgiving I think of the food, but I also think about how wonderful the weather is. Fall is my all time favorite season, and spending it in Midland rather than in Fayetteville was amazing. Another thing that I noticed about Midland was that it was surpassing Fayetteville. Everything in the stores costs more, the buildings and houses were newer, and the decor was outstanding. I felt like I was in a rich neighborhood the entire time and I was so happy when I returned to my average life here in Fayetteville.
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