Chicago vs Gatsby

by: Alli marie

character analysis

Roxie vs Daisy

  • Roxie and Daisy are very similar with the fact that they both are very careless and can only think about themselves. Both girls are cheating on their spouses only to get what they want, therefore not giving a care in the world how Amos or Tom would feel. Both girls are selfish. Roxie is selfish in the fact that she wants all this attention on her because she is trying to get famous and make a name for herself. Roxie, being married to Amos, didn't think much about him when having an affair with another man to be able to further her career. when she finds out that he wasn't actually helping her with her career she freaked out. All she wanted was a career. And he lied to her. So she handles things irrationally and shoots the furniture guy, killing him. Again, Roxie lies to Amos and asks him to tell the cops a story about her version of what happened. when Amos tells the cops they ask him one question that didn't make sense to him and then it clicked. He knew that Roxie had been having an affair and therefore "ending" Roxie's chance of having a career. or so they thought. Daisy's selfishness is different from Roxie's. She is selfish in the way she uses both Tom and Gatsby. Playing with their emotions to get what she wants as well. Daisy wanted Tom because he was wealthy and so she had married him. The entire time she just leads on both Tom and Gatsby, because she never really loved either of them. Again, she used Tom for his wealth and then used Gatsby to get back at Tom. Gatsby was something new and interesting to Daisy and she felt like she needed a getaway from Tom.

Velma vs Myrtle

  • Velma and Myrtle both have a certain attitude about them that is very snobby and sarcastic. Velma takes the Sarcasm to an extent to where she seems very snobby. which is the way Myrtle acts. in the beginning of the book Myrtle tends to annoy Tom about Daisy just to be petty. Velma takes her reigning power at the prison and tries to "rule" over the other girls besides Matron "MAMA" Matron.

Amos vs Mr.Wilson

  • Chicago and The Great Gatsby both portray these two men as very lost and sad. The two stories show that the two men aren't the most wealthy and the women they are married to are out of their "league". With that, both women had an affair with other men. Both stories tell how Amos and Mr. Wilson were most of the time not at home, they were either out in the garage in Mr. Wilson's case or at work like Amos. Eventually, both women at least attempted to leave their husband's because they felt entitled to bigger and better things. Amos and Mr. Wilson showed unconditional love and would do anything, such as how Amos in CHICAGO was willing to lie to the cop for Roxie without even knowing the whole story.

3 common themes


  • In both stories there is an unfathomable amount of cheating, whether it was adultery or just lying and being deceitful to someone. Chicago holds to the cheating theme throughout the entire story. In the beginning we see that Velma is cleaning up blood from her hands and obviously showing that she cheated someone out of life. Then it goes into Roxie cheating on Amos and his loyalty with their furniture guy to get what she wants in life. Once she finds out that he had cheated her in his promises Roxie takes it into her own hands and kills him therefore cheating the life he could've continued to have. Roxie also cheats Velma out of the fame she was looking forward to having. "MAMMA" Morton cheats the entire system as well by letting the prisoners bribe her with the right amount of cash to get what they want. In The Great Gatsby the characters are cheating everyone through immoral actions and bad decisions. We have Tom and Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle and George Wilson who are married. Along with those four characters we have Jay Gatsby and Jordan Baker. Tom has been having an affair with Myrtle for a while. Daisy begins an affair with Gatsby. George has no idea what is going on until, Myrtle his wife, dies. Jordan cheats by cheating during golf and doesn't feel remorse for what she does. Neither does Tom until he loses both Daisy and Myrtle. And Daisy doesn't feel any remorse towards Tom or Gatsby because she never really loved either of them, she was just using them for her own personal gain.

New idea of women

  • The Great Gatsby and Chicago the time periods are a big step to independence. during this era this is when the women weren't just staying home and being domesticated. they were out getting jobs, such as being dancers (flappers). The Great Gatsby shows this new role that women play through the minor character of Jordan Baker. she is an individual who made a name for herself as a professional golfer and who obviously doesn't need a man. throughout Chicago you can see that all the women made their own choices and they are trying to make a name for themselves instead of being the domesticated woman and staying at home, cooking, cleaning, and caring for children if they have any.


  • The two stories share the common theme of selfishness as well. All of the cheating and deceitfulness is due to the being selfish. All of the characters cheat and lie for their own personal gain. Roxie cheats Amos's loyalty to further her career. Tom cheats on Daisy with Myrtle because Myrtle is his getaway. Every time the other person would leave to continue the affair with someone who wasn't their spouse they were only doing it because it was benefitting themselves and no one else. throughout the two stories you see that most every character does not care and doesn't think that they're doing anything wrong with the decisions they're making. There are different levels of selfish. it is not bad to be selfish but it is bad to be prideful in your selfishness. Many people claim that if you are thinking about the goodness of yourself and trying to better yourself that that is considered selfish when in all honesty you're just caring about yourself. the selfishness throughout the stories was the other version of selfish. they were only worried about their personal gain and they were being too prideful which is dangerous.

nick carraway- a classic

I am from a hard-boiled painting and from wholesale hardware business.

I am from the ragged edge of the universe.

I am from the wide lawns, the friendly trees

I am from Dukes of Buccleuch and hardworking, from Daisy and Grandfather and Carraway's.

I am from the hesitant and supportive.

From "whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had" and "reserve all judgements"

I am from pay attention and work hard over anything.

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From the "prominent" the "well to do people", and the Carraway "clan".

I am from wide lawns and friendly trees.