Instrumental Music: A new age

Baroque music

Music in the Baroque Era was in high demand with churches, aristocratic courts, opera houses and municipalities. Composers were in high demand since music was the main form of entertainment in the aristocracy. The baroque era was also the first era where instrumental music was as important as vocal music.


Instrumental music was very important in the Baroque Era. String instruments were made using gut string, and woodwind's were made of wood. Trumpets were used in orchestra's for their loud volume. Kettle drums called timpani were also popular. The organ also played an important role in this era, being used in churches to produce deep tones.
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The rise of Opera

Opera was becoming popular as ever in the Baroque Era. Operas combined singing and instrumental music with acting, scenery, and costumes to attract and entertain the audience. One of the most popular composers was Claudio Monteverdi.
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Famous Composers

Johann Sebastian Back was one of the most famous composers of this time for his orchestral music and incorporating the organ into his works. Claudio Monteverdi composed Orfeo based on the myth of Orpheus. Henry Purcell was a composer and organist. He wrote religious anthems, songs and music written for harpsichord.
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