The Nervous System

By Tam


The nervous system is an amazing system in your body. The nervous system is neurons that are little threads called nerves, the nerves reach out to each part your body this is called the peripheral nervous system. Now I shall tell you more about the nervous system.

How it works

Every neuron is made out of a group of nerve cells. When the brain sends a signal it travels through the body then you can do what you need to. Each and every neuron has a cell body and a tail this tail is called the axon. The signals go to a neuron then to the next neuron and so on.

Parts of the nervous system

The peripheral nervous system is made out of different parts. The parts are the axon, central nervous system, cortex, nerve, neuron and the optic nerve, now I shall tell you the definitions of these fascinating words.

Axon-the long tail like part of a nerve cell.

Central nervous system- the network of nerves in your body, it is created by the brain and spinal cord.

Cortex- the outer layer of the brain made out of nerve cells.

Nerve-a tiny thread that passes messages between parts of the body and the brain.

Neuron-a nerve cell.

Optic nerve-the main nerve, it is is between your eues and the brain.

What it can control

The nervous system can control many parts. It can control your whole body the main part that you need to know is your movement and the 5 senses.


We move by our mucsles. There are neurons in in side our muscles , the neurons will send a message to each other then we are able to move our legs or arms.

The 5 senses

Our skin has special nerve endings called receptors that sense heat pain or pressure. Our ear records sound waves that enter our eardrum then to a liquid in the spiral tube, tiny hair then changes it to nerve signals. When you look at something light gos into your eye then hit the cell at the back of your eyeball, they then sends a signal along the optic nerve to your brain. You taste by getting signals from cells called taste buds on your tongue. The sense smell of is linked to the sense of taste.