News of the Week

October 24-28

Important Reminders!

Here are a few reminders for next week:

  • For our upcoming STEM Day, we need plastic bottle caps. If you are able to save some and send them in, that would be great! Our STEM Day is November 4th.

  • Counting to 100 Your child was assessed on their current counting progress this week, and the results are coming home on a half sheet of paper in Friday folders. Our kindergarten expectation is that they can count to 100 by ones and tens. If your child still needs practice, please work with them at home. We count each day in class, but extra opportunities will be very helpful for them. Our goal is to achieve this by mid-December. Below are some links to songs we've done in class...

  • Dude, Be Nice!! Our upper grades kids are participating in this program from the high school, but we really need it in our class, too! I have noticed friendship/tattling issues each and every day in our class, and we have had several specials teachers comment on it as well when I pick the class up. Could you please talk to your child about good strategies for getting along, being kind to others, and limiting tattling to emergencies only. I have talked to them about this every day, and I still hear 20-25 tattles a day despite our talks. I know it will come with maturity, but discussing friendship strategies at home will certainly help as well.

  • United Way Dress-Up Day is on Monday, October 31st. Kids are welcome to wear a costume or dress like a book character. Please no masks or accessories (swords, wands, etc). The cost is a $2 donation to United Way which you can put in their folder. Thanks for your support!

  • Thanksgiving Activities Please see Friday folders for a GREEN paper listing the time for our Thanksgiving feast. This meal is hosted by our cafeteria staff each year and is a wonderful time for you to come share a holiday meal with your child. We will be holding a small presentation in our classroom directly before the feast at 12:30pm. Please come!!! Also, there is a turkey project in your child's folder that I would love for you to complete together and turn in by November 11th. See the folder for more details!

  • The FMES Fall Festival is Friday, November 4th at the Buford Corn Maze. Get your tickets now for a really fun family night!

  • Veteran's Day If you have a special veteran you would like to honor, please fill out the slip of paper in Friday Folders and send it back with a photo of your soldier! Our school will be making a Wall of Heroes for everyone to admire.

  • Original Art Work orders are due on TUESDAY and pictures orders are due on WEDNESDAY

  • Have you checked out all the awesome LINKS that I have added to the bottom newsletter lately? There are tons of activities, songs, Brain Pop videos and more to reinforce what we've been working on in class! These are great for "homework" or fun at-home practice!

Time to Count & Sing!

We had a great time in math counting bags of different objects and recording them. We also worked on snap cube towers from 1-20.

Check out the video of us singing our October song, too!


Where In the World Will Mrs. Williams Be On Friday & Monday?

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I will be absent from school on Friday, November 4th and Monday November 7th. Since July, a friend and I have been training for the 2016 New York City Marathon. It is our first marathon and we are very excited and very nervous. Please send us some good thoughts on Sunday, November 6th for a successful race!!

Please remember there is no school on Tuesday, November 8th for Election Day. I will see the kids when we all return on Wednesday. Please send any notes in their folders instead of e-mail since I will not be able to receive them. An experienced FMES sub, Mrs. Lioi (Lee-oy) will be covering my class during those two days.

...Skills We Will Work On Next Week...

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Links to Try

Here are some fun links you can try at home for practice on the skills we've been working on in class!



Force & Motion



Maps & Columbus Day

Sight Words

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