Madagascar , republic of madagascar


history of madagascar

was first settled my people around 2000 years ago . many people were Indonesian, or mixed Indonesian/African descent .in 1896 the french took over Madagascar , becoming a french colony. the island became independent from french on June 26 , 1960 . and became republic of Madagascar. the people speak french because the french took over Madagascar as a monarchy , making french the official language.
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  • 24,605,297 people live here
  • languages; Malagasy and french
  • 72% of people speak french.
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the flag

  • white; blanc
  • red; rouge
  • green; vert

About madagascar

it is located on the African continent but is an island. the capital is Antananarivo. the people are called Malagasy people.there motto is "Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana" ("Love, Fatherland, Progress") .


there money is called Malagasy ariary.they do not use the decimal system. does not really have a one color.
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what is Madagascar well known for?

Madagascar is known for vanilla,pepper, and lemurs . it is the only place that has a species of lemurs. it is also the fourth largest island in the world.