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IT Technical Support Engineer + IT Helpdesk Support Analyst

IT Technical Support Engineer wanted for new IT company

Sanderson Recruitment are offering, for a limited time only, a role at a bustling IT company. The job in question is a position as a IT Technical Support Engineer.

Specific Attributes required

We are looking for somebody who has an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems - this will be crucial as the fundamental and common operating system used by our company's IT team is various Windows operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Having knowledge in this particular operating system is absolutely crucial in securing this role, and we value experience in any of specific attributes required in order to excel in the position. Alongside this, we are also actively searching for a candidate who has experience working in a 2nd line support posititon, again as experience will be very important in order to secure this role with Sanderson Recruitment.

General Attributes required

We need somebody with a modest amount of independence. This is because we cannot stress the importance of completing the tasks we delegate you in a logical order without instructions from other members of staff or from hassling other employees. It is down to you to choose which task you do out of the available jobs, and what order you do them. You need to be able to handle your time management and be independent enough to complete tasks without the need for constant supervision.

Attitude or Soft Skills required

We are specifically searching for somebody who displays leadership qualities. This is because we are looking for somebody who could potentially be promoted within the company, and in order to take charge in a higher position in a theoretical promotion situation, we will need the candidate to have good leadership skills so that they are completely ready to focus attention on typical tasks delegated to a leadership role. It is essential in order to have a chance at getting this role.

If you think this job is for you, then please call us at 0117 970 6666. We are located at:

Sanderson Recruitment

First Floor of Clifton Down House

54a Whiteladies Road




IT Helpdesk Support Analyst wanted for secure company

For a limited time only, Lorien Resourcing Limited are offering the role of IT Helpdesk Support Analyst, with one position available.

Specific Attributes required

Specifically, we are searching for somebody who has experience in 1st line fix and monitoring, as well as extensive knowledge in Active Directory and Remote Desktop. These are just two of the specific attributes the ideal candidate needs to have - this is absolutely essential for the role as the candidate will be maintaining a helpdesk for a high security company, and there is not any room for errors. We need the candidate to have a good understanding of the applications we use here as the company is looking to immediately start the employee off with minimal amounts of training. We hope that the potential employee will be readily independent within a few weeks of training.

General Attributes required

In order to stand a good chance of acquiring this position, the ideal candidate must also possess good English and Maths skills. This is because basic numeracy will be required for on the spot mathematical calculations such as measurements when potentially installing new hardware around the company site, and therefore it is essential that the candidate possess a good standard of mathematics, and English is needed as we need the ideal candidate to have good communication when talking with clients over the phone at helpdesk, and having a good standard of English, specifically when speaking can improve ones chances of getting this position.

Attitude or Soft Skills required

We need a candidate who is a team player; this is because when the potential employee joins the company, they will be joining a highly successful and fantastic, hard-working helpdesk team - we are actively searching for somebody who will fit well into this already great working team, and that is why being a team player will be essential when working here. You need to be able to work well with your team, and have good communication with them so you can maximise your work output and increase the overall performance of the helpdesk at our company.

If you are interested in this role, then please call us at 020 7654 1000. We are located at:

Lorien Resourcing Limited

3rd Floor

107 Leadenhall Street