November Newsletter

Team Mathias Hooters

•Top Sellers•

Jill-Vanee McDonnell-$1,947.80 in PV

Melissa Mathias-$644.43 in PV

Stephanie Jensen-$451.40 in PV

Jennifer Petz-$143.90 in PV

Delania Link-$28.80 in PV

•Top in Recruits•

Jill-Vanee McDonnell-2 recruits in October


Beckee and Magnolia Edge

Lindsey Case

Congratulations! I am thankful to have all of you on my team! Jill-Vanee McDonnell you are a selling superstar!! Stephanie Jensen thanks for being a force for good and donating your launch party commission to charity!

Thank you for helping me promote to Team Leader in October!

I joined at the end of February, before ever seeing a locket in person! I figured it was worth a try! Here I am 8 months later, having fun, making money, and growing my team! I appreciate all of you!

Take a look at the compensation plan and see what you need to do in order to promote. Make monthly goals for yourself. You can do it!