Team Twenty November/December News

State Road Elementary

The End is Near

The first quarter is over! I thank you all for spending the time to meet for parent teacher conferences. It was such a blessing. Speaking of blessings, what about the fall weather we have enjoyed? I cannot remember such a lovely fall. But...the end is near. We have only a few more weeks before winter break and a new year dawns. This is the season for giving and counting our blessings. Please check our website to find ideas for being a Joy Maker. Team 20 will be finalizing plans to take action and give joy to others this season. Stay tuned!

Mrs. Robin Long


Here's the Scoop!

Team 20 has begun a new inquiry unit. Our central idea is: Human cultures develop in response to available resources. We have inquired into the age of exploration. Students are researching various explorers determining motivation for exploration and the impact of exploration. From there we will be examining Native American cultures and their relationship with available resources as well as the early settlements and their relationship to resources. Our summative assessment will include an examination of current exploration, settlements, current use of and needs for resources, and the distribution of resources world wide. We expect to complete this inquiry by December 22nd.

In Mathematics we will be completing chapter 2, dividing and multiplying whole numbers with mental math and problem solving. Students will take the chapter 2 test on Monday, November 23rd. The next mathematics unit will focus on fractions and mixed numbers.

Students are reading historical fiction. They are focusing on using context to determine the meanings of unfamiliar words and making connections between texts. Our class read is Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone. It's a story about a boy who serves Captain John Smith as he sails to the New World and establishes Jamestown.

Students have begun a spelling and grammar inquiry time at the end of the day. They will also be working on oral fluency with weekly readings of poetry beginning the week after Thanksgiving.


Don't forget to check out our Donor's Choose Proposals. We had a new one just get approved and it's eligible fore the SPARK grant. Choose Fun Furniture for the Creative Classroom and type SPARK in the PROMO CODE box. Donor's choose will double your donation up to $100! Please help us out this holiday season. The students are looking forward to comfortable seating and more technology in the classroom.


Team Twenty will partner up with Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Jabre's kindergarten class on Monday November 23rd for another buddy project. If you can donate round sugar cookies for the project, please let us know on Volunteer Spot. Please check out Volunteer Spot if you are interested in signing up for our Christmas Party or any other volunteer opportunities

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell