ORRJHS 25 Book Challenge

Read 5 Books in 5 Categories of Your Choice

Grab a book and start reading!

Free-choice reading is not only fun, it's the best way for you to improve your general knowledge, your vocabulary, your reading and your writing skills.

How It Works

Students have the entire school year to read 25 books. Keep track of the titles on your reading log, and as you finish each book, spend a few minutes telling a teacher or an adult at home about it. We provide a list of questions to get you started talking. The teacher or other adult will then sign for that title and you're ready to choose another book.

To keep from falling into a reading rut, try to read 5 books each in 5 different categories. These categories can be based on genres (e.g., mystery, biography, science fiction) or topics (e.g., sports, war, music) or settings or maybe books by the same author. Be creative! Remember, the most important thing is simply to find books you love to read.

Earn Prizes!

Every time you read 5 books, you will earn a prize. These prizes include a pass for you and a friend to cut to the front of the cafeteria line, a coupon good for items from the school store, lunch in the library with a friend (dessert provided), permission to wear a hat in school for a day, and more! Feel free to suggest a prize yourself.

At the end of the year, we will have a school-wide celebration and students who have read 25 books (or more!) will automatically be entered in a raffle for $25 gift cards. Be part of the fun and start reading now!

Visit the library's website at http://orrjhslibrary.weebly.com to download a book log form, book discussion questions, and a parent signature slip.