World war 2

The Blitz

The Blitz was a daily bombing on Braitan by Hitler in 1940. Every day Hitler would drop bombs on the British in July, 1940. The air force was used, as new technology.

Pearl Harbor

The Japanese dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor on 12-7-1941. Their airforce dropped bombs on us ,causing us to join the war. "The bombing on Pearl Harbor a day that will lay in infamy"


Hirohito is the man that gave the Japanese power during WW2. When he was 42 WW2 was happening (he was an emperor). He was the first Japanese crown to travel outside Japan. He didn't command the Second-Sino-Japanese War.

Winston Churchill

When he was younger he went to Harrow for school. He was prime minister of Great Britain during WW2. November 1889, he got captured on a scouting expedition. He was also undersecretary of South Africa.

Time line

1939- Hitler invades Poland

1940- Phoney War, Italy enters the war, the Tripartite,and Britain gets Italy

1941-Pearl Harbor

Axis Powers

Germany ruled by Hitler

Italy ruled by Mussalani

Japan ruled by Herohito

Allied powers

America- Franklin Roosvelt

Britain-Winston Chirchill

Russia- MacArther

Soviet Union- Josef Stailin

Pearl Harbor

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor,Hawaii, causing us to not trust them, and put them into camps,and us goining the war. The day after, our president signed a paper putting them into camps. They crushed ships killing thousands of people.


That is the worst concentration camp. It held hundreds of Jews,keeping them inside the uncleaned walls, to work from sunrise to sunset.