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December 2021

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Holiday Shop- Week of Dec. 13th

The PTO Holiday Shop will be held during the week of Dec 13-17. Students will have the chance to shop for their family and friends from items that range from $1-$5. More information and shopping envelopes will be sent home during the first week of December.

Delay, Cancellation, Arctic Academy??

  • School Messenger calls/texts and Remind texts will continue to be used in the case of delays, cancellations, or Arctic Academy. In addition, you can find updates posted on the main county school website, announced on the radio, and posted to our school's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • If weather conditions present a safety concern, a 2-hour delay will be called. Before school care programs are cancelled. Doors open at 10:30.
  • If an Arctic Academy Day is called due to cold, unsafe temperatures, students stay home and complete assignments designed by their teachers.
  • If school is cancelled due to unsafe conditions, a traditional snow day will be called. In this case, students and staff remain safely at home. Students do not work on Arctic Academy assignments.


As temperatures continue to drop and the possibility of inclement weather increases, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the colder weather each day. Students need to be prepared to go outside for 30 minutes of recess each day. Students go out to recess as long as it is not raining and temperatures are not “frigid”. Coats, hats, and gloves are essential for recess. Please be sure your child is prepared for the elements. You may also want to consider labeling the inside of his/her clothing as many student items look similar.

Speaking of inclement weather, at the beginning of the school year, you were asked to complete a form letting your child's teacher know how you wanted your child to get home in the case of an unplanned early dismissal. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are unsure of the directions you gave or if something has changed.

Lunch Menu

What's for lunch? Take a look at December's lunch menu below.

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December- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Newsletter

News From the Classrooms


  • We are busy getting prepared for the colder weather in preschool. Please make sure to send a warmer change of clothes to keep at school. If you could make sure to label coats and mittens so they don't get lost in the busy shuffle of our day that would be appreciated.
  • We are getting ready to talk about Gingerbread Men and what we like to do in the cold weather as we move into the next month.
  • Our students are continuing to do a wonderful job keeping their masks on throughout the day and putting on coats independently.


  • Kindergarten will be having a holly jolly December with an exciting variety of Gingerbread man stories. This will allow us to explore diversity around the world.
  • We will continue to practice blending and segmenting cvc words, answer and ask questions about key details in stories, read sight words, and produce rhyming words. New skills we will begin working on include reading leveled books. Students will point under words as they read and use reading strategies such as eagle eye/picture power, lips of a fish, and chunky monkey.
  • In writing, students will start their sentence with a capital letter and end with a period.
  • In Math, we will be working with the number 10 by comparing numbers (more/less) up to 10 and making 10 in a variety of ways.
  • Other reminders - we will go out for recess if it feels like 30 degrees or above so please send your child in a coat labeled with their first and last name and gloves if possible.

First Grade

Check out what our 1st graders are up to this month here

Second Grade

Check out what our 2nd graders are up to this month here

Third Grade

Happy Holidays from Third Grade! Check out what the kids will be learning about during the month of December!

  • Writing: Third graders have made so much progress with their writing. We have seen growth in mechanics and details within their writing. In December, the students will strengthen their use of transition words and sentence structure through functional writing pieces.
  • Reading: Through a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, students will explore new vocabulary words, summarizing, central idea, text structure, retelling main events in a story, the author's purpose, and literary elements.
  • Math: We will wrap up addition and subtraction within 1000 and move into multiplication. Students will keep sets of flashcards in their backpacks that they can use to practice at school and home. They may also practice fact fluency through Reflex math on the computer. If they practice Reflex at home, they should practice independently as this program tracks data that is used to see student progress with fluency.
  • Science/Social Studies: Your child's teacher will fill you in on the exciting content via Remind.
  • Third grade will continue to practice cursive writing. Feel free to practice this at home! As always, we'll keep in touch and update you through Remind throughout the month. Stay tuned!

Fourth Grade

Check out what our fourth graders are up to here.

Fifth Grade

Our awesome 5th grade students crushed last month’s iReady challenge! The biggest pie-earner for 5th grade was Aniyah Jones who passed 41 lessons earning 14 pies to throw at the teachers! Additionally, thank you families for donating whipped cream and small plates!

Writing: These next few weeks students will be working on a letter writing unit. They will learn how to compose a formal letter and a friendly letter, how to address an envelope, and proper email etiquette. Students will need to know their home address for this unit.

Math: We are diving into Lesson 4. Students will use their understanding of place value to round and compare decimals to the thousandths place using <,>,=. Again, please encourage iReady My Path Math Lessons at home. We will also have a December iReady incentive with mystery presents at the end of the month.

Social Studies/Science: Students wrapped up learning about expanding the nation and we are moving into our next Social Studies book, Pioneer Trails. Learning all about the migration West, life on the trails, and all the ups and downs of exploring out west.

Reading: This month we are reading Module 4: Exploring the Wild West. This ties in with our Letter Writing Unit and our Social Studies materials. They will read 4 stories in this unit and work on skills such as central idea, cause/effect, and retelling.

It’s time for one final push for the year before the holidays!