Online Safety

Want to be safe on the internet? Then listen up!

Come Join The Fight Against Cyber Bully's

Meet me at The Big House for a speech on how you can be Cyber Safe and help Fight against Cyber Bully's.

8 Facts on Cyber Safety

  1. Don't share any personal info on the internet. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Keep your privacy settings on high!
  3. Never give out your passwords. Not even to your best friends!
  4. Don't befriend people on the internet you don't know.
  5. Don't meet up with people you met online.
  6. THINK about what you share on the internet before doing it!
  7. If you are uncomfortable on a site or a chat room, get OFF it!
  8. If somebody or something is giving you a weird feeling, REPORT it!