The Life Of Paraguay

By: Ashley fanous


This is a breif description on the life styles of the parguay life.


The national currency is the Guaraní, which is composed of 100 centimos, or cents, although currently, the coin valued at 10 guaraní is the smallest that has any practical use..

Size In Square Miles

The area of Paraguay is 157,046 square miles.

Size Of Population

Population: 6.54 million (2012).

Type of Government

Government type: Constitutional republic.

Major Crops

1) Soybeans

2) Cotton

3) Sugarcane

Major Exports Or Industries

Some major exports are road vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum products, electrical machinery, tractors and chemicals lead the import list and soybeans, feed, cotton, and meat.

Historical Facts

1) In 1526 and again in 1529, Sebastian Cabot explored Paraguay when he sailed up the Paraná and Paraguay rivers.

2) From 1608 until their expulsion from the Spanish dominions in 1767.

3) A new constitution in 1870, designed to prevent dictatorships and internal strife, failed to do so, and not until 1912 did a period of comparative economic and political stability begin.

4) The Chaco War (1932–1935) with Bolivia won Paraguay more western territory.

5) In 1811, Paraguay revolted against Spanish rule and became a nominal republic under two consuls.

6) Paraguay was governed by three dictators during the first 60 years of independence.

7)The third, Francisco López, waged war against Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina in 1865–1870, a conflict in which half the male population was killed.

8)The Republic of Paraguay become independent from Spain in May 15, 1811.

Tourist Attractions

Political Problem In Paraguay

Paraguay has the youngest population in Latin America. Seventy percent of its five million people are under 30 years old, and 50 percent are under 15 years old. “If the government wasn't going to handle the problem, we knew we would have to take the initiative," recalled Soares. "We had to accept our responsibility and exercise it. We saw this as an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate to all of society the vital importance of civil participation.

Intresting Facts About Paraguay

1) Paraguay got independence from Spanish rule on May 14, 1811.

  • 2) Before the arrival of the Europeans, Paraguay was inhabited by a native tribe called Guarani.

  • 3) Usually, a cheap inn or hotel in Paraguay, serves as a brothel as well.

  • Should I Or Should I Not Vist Paraguay.

    I would vist because Paraguay has great historcial backgroung like the Palacio de Gobierno, Asunción or the Casa de la Independencia. Also it mentions on how nice the locals are.