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December 23/ 1933

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Ol' One Shot is Back!

The old Atticus Finch is back to shoot down a rabid dog that was wandering around town. A total of 30 years after he last shot his gun. Scout and Jem were out of the house playing outside when they spotted a dog seemingly limping towards them. After telling Calpurnia who phoned the people of the town and an officer, they confirmed that it was Tim Johnson, Mr. Johnson's dog. Calpurnia was so intent on warning everybody, that she knocked on the front door of the house of the Radley's, when she should have gone to the back door. After the officer came, the dog came to a perfect shooting position, after arguing over who would shoot the dog, Atticus finally gave in. He hit him dead-on, in one shot, I guess Atticus still has the accuracy in him, even in his old age.

The burning of a house ignites the joy in Ms. Maudie

T'was a dark and peaceful night, not a mouse stirred and not a person in sight, but all of a sudden, a bright flickering light was seen at Ms. Maudie's house. It was a fire that broke out very late at night. I started because of Ms. Maudie's love for flowers. She kept a fire near her flowers so they don't get cold and freeze. However, it seems that the fire spread to other parts of the house, and the house was soon ablaze. After the fire was put out by members of Maycomb and the fire department, we asked Ms. Maudie a few questions. She said that she was somewhat happy about the burning of her house, she will be able to get a new smaller house with a bigger yard for her flowers. This just comes to show you how some people can be positive in some pretty sad times. Maybe we should all just look on the bright side.

What do we teach our kids in school?

This question may have many answers, but there are some things that we don't expect to be taught at school. It seems that many kids at school have learned to use the community events to make fun of others. This has been seen with Atticus Finch and his children. Atticus Finch is defending a negro in a court case, and many students have been calling him a nigger-lover. They have also said this directly to the children, Jem and Scout. Scout took action against this and punched somebody in the face. So after seeing this, some parents have started wondering about what they learn when they get together at school. Have you ever thought about this?
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