Sipley School Weekly Howl

Week of Monday, February 22, 2016

If students think they have a better way to improve their behavior, encourage them to express their ideas.

Discipline with Dignity

Notes from the Special Ed. Department


Special education meetings are scheduled 1-2 months in advance. There are numerous staff members AND parent schedules (in addition to legal timelines) that are worked around in order to fit all the meetings in on Thursdays. Teachers are given outlook invites right away when a meeting is scheduled. We are aware sometimes things come up last minute on your schedule, including professional development sessions. It is imperative that you pay attention to when your students’ IEP meetings are scheduled, and if a conflict arises, please notify Anna Hottman or Danielle right away. That will give us ample time to figure out if the meeting can be moved.

Is Letting Your Students Struggle a Struggle: A request to read from Mrs. Manjarres!

March 4 County Wide Institute

March 4th is a county-wide institute day. Several departments will be attending out of district activities, others working within district.

Kindergarten Teachers:

  • The kindergarten team will be working together to implement the common core reading and math standards.

First through Sixth Grade Teachers:

  • Elementary grade level teachers, led by District Instructional Specialists, will be diving into the English Language Arts Standards and discussing how to develop clear learning intentions and success criteria for students.

District Reading Specialists & Title I Teaching Assistants:

  • Title I staff will be diving into the English Language Arts Standards with the first grade teachers and discuss how to develop clear learning intentions and success criteria for students.

Special Education Teaching Assistants

  • Anne Bowers has scheduled breakout learning opportunities for TAs at Jefferson. A specific schedule will be coming out later this month.

Jefferson Staff:

  • Dr. Schmidt has developed a schedule for Jefferson staff to deepen their understanding of the Common Core State Standards and the Gradual Release of Responsibility model of instruction.

Staff Attending County or Department Specific Activities:

  • Art
  • Bilingual/ESL
  • Gifted
  • LRCDs
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education

Monday Meeting - February 22

We have a certified staff meeting on Monday, February 22.

The target of the session is to teach students to be self-responsible.

Kim O., Rhonda, and I will lead the meeting.

Staff will need to bring something to write with. They will sit in teams and we will have collaborative activities that probe your thinking. We will ask 4 questions during our meeting that will guide us in our support of social emotional learning.

Midday Meetings

Monday and Thursday are mid-day grade level meetings. Kim O., Rhonda, and I will meet with classroom teachers beginning on Tuesday, February 23, from 11:50 - 12:15. We will meet each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday until we as a group feel we have a solid plan to bring focus to social emotional learning. Rhonda, Kim and I are looking forward to engaging conversation and planning.


We have a plan to share more about TenMarks with staff. You will receive the plan soon. It is my understanding that there will be TenMarks training embedded into upcoming institute days. It is a great resource that will consolidate your planning and provide students with great resources to use within our current math curriculum.

IF you want to learn more about TenMarks or find ways to access this great resource now, please ask Rachel Manjarres for information. She will be happy to assist you.

A Glance at the Week Ahead

Monday, February 22 - Rising Star - 11:30 - 12:15

Monday, February 22 - Title I TA/Principal Meeting

Tuesday, February 23 - Admin Meeting - Morning

Tuesday, February 23 - Special Education Teaching Assistant Meeting - 2:00 - 2:30 - Band Room

Tuesday, February 23 - 2nd year new teacher meeting - JJHS PDC

Wednesday, February 24 - 6th Grade PLC - 8:25 - 9:15 (I have a meeting and will not attend)

Wednesday, February 24 - 3rd Grade PLC - 9:20 - 10:10 (I have a meeting and will not attend)

Wednesday, February 24 - 4th Grade PLC - 10:15 - 11:05

Wednesday, February 24 - Next Gen Science Committee (I will be out of the building)

Wednesday, February 24 - 3rd Grade Planning Meeting

Wednesday, February 24 - 1st Grade PLC - 2:05 - 2:55

Wednesday, February 24, Kdg PLC - 3:00 - 3:30

Wednesday, February 24, County Spelling Bee, come out and support Sydney - Wheaton North High School Gym - 5:30 is registration and competition begins at 6:15

Thursday, February 25 - 5th Grade PLC - 8:25 - 9:15 (Pete and I have a 504 Meeting at this time)

Thursday, February 25 - 2nd Grade Field Trip

Thursday, February 25 - Meeting in Conference Room at 11:30 for those invited

Thursday, February 25 - Elementary Band Concert

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