Thirsty are you??????????

How to get fresh and healthy water

Looking For Water:

  • Your body can not live without water for more than 3 to 4 days
  • Your first Priority should be to find water
  • And to do this is to go inland
  • The more inland that you go, the better chances that you have to finding a source of water
  • If the island that you get stranded on is large enough the more chances of finding water
  • Inland there may be streams and waterfalls that will give you fresh and healthy water to drink

What NOT and What TO Drink:

  • DO NOT DRINK SEA WATER!! - it will make you even more dehydrated
  • Purified water
  • Coconut water(from coconuts)
  • Streams
  • WaterFalls

How to get Water:

  • When it rains you should catch water in leaves, shells, or another container that you may have.
  • Dig a deep hole on the beach so that the rain can seep into it.
  • Also in the early morning
  1. Tie cloth to your legs
  2. Walk through the vegetation with the dew on them
  3. Wring out cloth
  4. And drink fresh water
  • Also water can be found in rock crevices
  1. And between tree branches
  2. Use a cloth to absorb the water
  3. Or improvise leaves and or bark to get the water

Water Purification:

  • Dig a deep hole
  • Gather some rocks
  • Heat the rocks up on a fire
  • Drop the rocks in the hole with the water
  • Rip a scrape of cloth from your shirt or any cloth material that you may have
  • Hold the ripped cloth over the hole
  • Allow the cloth to make steam
  • Then wring out the cloth to drink the water