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About us...

Eternal Rest Funeral Home is a full-service funeral institution, located in historic Vicksburg, Mississippi. We recognize each family has unique needs; and we offer an assortment of quality services so that you can create an expressive service for your loved one. The Eternal Rest Funeral Home, established in 1976, offers families funeral, cemetery, and crematory services all in one convenient location. Our staff members, with more than 100 combined years' experience, are committed to helping families through one of the most personal and testing stages of life. We, at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, are equally committed to providing you with compassionate, professional, and individualized service in order to help light your way.

Our services include: pre-planning, traditional funerals, graveside services, cremation, direct burial, memorial services, and forwarding and receipt of remains.

We will help you plan your funeral with quality, caring service, reflecting all of the considerations important to you, such as individual, family, cultural, religious, and value details.

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Eternal Rest Funeral Home Welcomes You...

There are so many choices and options to think about when deciding upon a service for your loved one. We, here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, will support you at every step of your important decision-making.

But, if you are visiting Eternal Rest to pre-plan a meaningful funeral for yourself or a loved one, simply access the link provided below for a simple-to-use free Dignity Planner.

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Planning a Service at Eternal Rest...

Planning a service for a loved one can appear overwhelming. At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we are here to light your way. We will help you create an enduring experience to pay tribute to your loved one. Eternal Rest Funeral Home is proud of its experience and knowledge in service to different faiths and cultures. Thus, our professional and caring staff is ready and equipped to help you reflect any of your family traditions in an individualized and unforgettable service.

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The Eternal Rest Funeral Home offers a large variety of caskets for you to choose from, from spectacular carved oak to classic bronze. With several casket styles available in our Casket Selection Room, accompanied by many customization options, our staff is trained to help you choose the perfect resting place for your loved one.

If you would prefer to view the various casket styles and prices from the privacy of your own home, here is a link to help you.

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Our Services...

You may be considering a traditional funeral service for your loved one; and we are here to light your way.

A traditional funeral service contains certain features and ceremonies including placing the deceased into a casket, public visitation and honoring of the deceased (known as a wake), and burial or entombment, accompanied by a memorable funeral service. Burial is arranged in a cemetery plot of your choice. If you prefer entombment for your loved one, Eternal Rest Funeral Home has partnered with Sunrise Memorial Gardens; but you can select any location you prefer. Whether you choose burial or entombment, our service coordinators will be pleased to provide you with full information on options, services, and fees so that you can make an informed decision.

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Cremation Services...

If you choose to have your loved one cremated, please bear in mind that the body is still made available for public visitation. Most important, cremation does not extinguish the need for a memorial service; but neither does it depend on one. The choice is entirely yours. Our complete cremation service is just like a traditional funeral service, with the exception that cremation follows services instead of direct burial into the ground.

Once the cremation option has been selected, you will - then - need to choose whether to scatter the cremated remains in a location of value to your loved one, to store the remains in an outdoor niche, or to bury the remains. You, also, have the option of keeping your loved one's cremated remains in an urn as a remembrance.

Urns are used to protect the cremated remains. Eternal Rest Funeral Home has a wide variety of urn materials and styles, including basic plastic or more elegant materials, featuring ceramics, marbles, and even semi-precious metals.

Please call or visit any one of our professional service coordinators for more information on our complete cremation memorial services along with our urn options.

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Funeral Services...

Each faith and culture views funerals a bit differently. Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we believe your loved one's service should reflect your family's beliefs. We can offer a traditional funeral and memorial service or a non-traditional service, as well as special ceremonies and rites. A funeral is a resolute way to embody a life lived as well providing consideration of that life's significance on family, friends, and community. No matter what service you choose, we are here to light your way.

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Graveside Services...

The Eternal Rest Funeral Home provides meaningful graveside services at the grave in the cemetery, the mausoleum crypt, a cremation niche, or any other preferred location. We can provide a funeral conductor, or you can use a member of your very own clergy. At this not-to-be-forgotten service, a eulogy will be delivered to commemorate your loved one.

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Contact Us...

Funerals are appreciated rituals for the living to show love and respect for the dead and to help family members and friends start the process of bereavement.

We realize each family has unique needs; therefore, we offer a full range of services for you.

Additionally, whatever final arrangements you choose, you have a number of convenient payment options at your disposal. You can pay everything up front by cash, check, or credit card; initiate a payment plan (Cullen, 2015); employ a pre-need funeral insurance policy or life insurance policy proceeds; or use funds within the deceased's estate.

The Eternal Rest Funeral Home is located in beautiful downtown Vicksburg, MS. You can reach us 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at 228-375-2434, or by email at

We are here to light your way.


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