Jill's 30th Birthday Party!

Mission Impossible: 30 Clues to 30 Scavenger Hunt.
Your mission, should you choose to except, will be to come out, eat, play and help celebrate Jill's 30th birthday...SECRET AGENT STYLE! The nights mission will start out with dinner where we will meet all of our agents and chow down. Next is the main event...Mission Impossible Scavenger Hunt. Our host Anna Rosemond has comprised 30 clues and task to ensure a night of epic proportions. Lastly, we will announce the victor of our mission and they will be awarded a grand prize. To conclude the nights mission, we will continue the celebration with drinks and party the night away. So, my fellow agents, get ready to party!
P.S. Two things; I must warn you, there may be a double agent so keep a look out and I hope you're a quick study because this message may self destruct in 30 seconds! (not really,just always wanted to say that!)

Jill Washington

Saturday, March 15th, 6-10pm

1700 Dock St

Richmond, VA

  • Please let us know if you will be participating in the scavenger hunt so that our host will be able to get a head count to organize teams.
  • Dress is semi-casual. If you are participating in the scavenger hunt you may want to wear pants and bring an extra pair of shoes.
  • Its important to our birthday girl that no one is financially strained or morally compromised while participating in the nights events so feel free to opt out of any of the missions that are not in your budget or doesn't bold well with your conscience.
  • Gifts, cards and etc. are always welcomed and certainly appreciated by our birthday girl but they are in no way required. It means the world to her that you would come out and help her celebrate.
  • Our Host and contact person is Anna Rosemond, please refer to her with any questions (directions,gift ideas,parking,etc.). Please only use this number in relation to this event.

Mission Agenda

6pm- 8pm Dinner at Bottoms Up Pizza.

8:15pm-9:45pm Mission Impossible Scavenger Hunt.

10pm Name winning team and award grand prizes.

10pm - until(optional) House/Bar for drinks and more Impossible Missions:-)


Mission Impossible - Theme Song by Theme_Song_Fanatic