Nicholson- Government

Thursday April 11th -

While I am out

You will have plenty to do today to turn in and prepare for the test next Wednesday.

***** update 10pm 4/10/13*** Sorry the videos I made are not uploading for me:( I have researched some videos that do a good job explaing what your power points are defining. Be sure to read your power point and then highlight where there are duplicate definitions and content. We will clean this up in class BRIEFLY on Monday but will need to move on to how a bill is made.

Chapter 10


You will need to complete the notes from the following lecture in order to have the info needed for the exam next week.
The U.S. Congress in Twenty Minutes (1 of 2)

House vs. Senate Chart

After you have completed the Chapter 10 lecture you will need to use the "House-Senate Differences" chart to complete the House v. Senate Organizer.

You must match the appropriate qualification to the reason on the organizer.

CONGRESS - Cram for the Exam

Scavenger Hunt

After completing the Graphic Organizer on the difference between the House and Senate you will need to use your notes and the following links to complete the Scavenger Hunt for the 113th Congress.

Chapter 11


Listen to the following lecture and complete the notes for Chapter 11. You will need this info for the exam next Wednesday in class.
Powers of Congress

Where did all the Powers Go?

Using the Articles packet and attached Court Case decisions you need to complete the "Where Did all the Powers Go? sheet.

You will only need to complete the first section of the sheet you will not need to complete the 5 examples portion of the sheet.

Due at the end of class

You should have completed and turned in at the end of class:

1) The Differences in House and Senate organizer

2) The Leadership of the 113th Congress

3) Where did all my powers go

Monday in class

We will complete Chapter 12 in class on Monday and prepare for the exam on Wednesday of next week.

Please remember we are completing a marking period next week and you will need to have all work completed and turned in a due date in order to maintain a passing average.

Schoolhouse Rock: America - I'm Just a Bill Music Video