Room 212 News #11

November 15

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It was great to talk with so many of you about your child's progress in first grade! Please feel free to contact me at any time for a follow up meeting or phone conference. The report card will come home on November 23rd, and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have after reviewing it.

Math - Counting

Counting may seem like a basic skill, but many first graders still require practice counting objects, and just counting in various ways. Last week at one math center, students used a recording sheet to keep track of how many chair legs were on one side of the classroom. Frequently, students in the same group came up with different numbers. First graders don't always realize immediately that something is wrong when two people counting the same objects don't get the same answer. This is an interesting idea to discuss, and gives an opportunity for students to work cooperatively to find a common solution.

Students already skilled at counting may try more complex strategies - grouping the objects and adding (the foundation for multiplication), or skip-counting by 2s, 5s or 10s.

Most students in our class count up to 100 and beyond with no difficulty. However, if given a random number and asked to count backwards - the task becomes much more challenging. Try asking your first grader to start on a number (like 53), and count backwards. Once your child can do this easily, transition to skip-counting, especially taking groups of small objects (greater than 30), and organizing them in different ways for quick counting.

RAZ Kids - Leveled Reading at Home

As I complete reading assessments to mark the report cards, I'll be adjusting levels on RAZ Kids to better match your child's independent level. For some students, this may mean dropping down a level or two, so reading can be fluent and s/he can answer the quiz questions more accurately. Other students may skip up a level or two, to provide an adequate challenge. Let me know if you, or your student, has any question about the RAZ Kids reading level or the website. Your child may log-in at:

Teacher - amedeiros1

Students have their own picture password.

Report Cards

When the report card comes home with your child on November 23rd, it will be in a large manilla envelope. Please sign and return the envelope, it will be used throughout the school year.

Coin Drive for Turkey Dinners!

Your student may be asking to search your cars and couches, because our coin drive is underway! Student Council is sponsoring a collection to purchase turkey dinners for those in need this season. We will be collecting coins from November 4 to November 20.

Parent Lending Library - great for nightly reading at home!

This free service is offered to all Bryant/Pattengill families. The books will be displayed in the main lobby at Bryant. Parents may select 2-3 books at their child’s reading level. The students can practice reading the books and return them the following week and get more books. Books may also be returned to the child’s teacher. The parent lending library is open only on Wednesdays, beginning Oct. 28 from 8:40am-5:15pm. Ask your child’s teacher for your child’s reading level or use your child’s Raz Kid’s reading level to choose the books. Questions? Contact Mrs. Lim at

Dates to Remember:

  • 11/23 Report Cards go home
  • 11/25-27 No School for Thanksgiving Break