CSHS Weekly Bulletin

April 4-8, 2016

Making Memories that Last

This week while sorting EOC answer sheets, I recited a paragraph I learned in my 7th grade Spanish class. Inspired by visiting with Mrs. Cryan, it came from the deep recesses of my brain and flowed forth over 20 years later. I took through Spanish III in high school and 14 hours of college level Spanish...but what I actually remember is from my very first class when I was 12 years old. This leads me to question: why do some memories stick and others disappear so quickly?

I discovered this great TedEd video, How Memories Form and How We Lose Them, which reminded me of both what physically happens in the brain when a memory is made along with factors that negatively impact memory. Chronic stress changes the chemicals in the brain and makes it hard to form memories. Depression, isolation, and aging also have a negative impact on the brain. When I think about some of our struggling students, 3 out of 4 of these factors are often at play. Whether it is living in a stressful family situation, feeling disconnected from others, or struggling with depression, we have many students on our campus who are facing these additional challenges to their learning.

So, what can we as educators do to help students learn and retain information? Last year, we held a staff development session titled, "Creating Memories," which included some tips on simple things teachers can do to help students create lasting memories of material learned. Take a moment to look through the slide show for reminders on things you can implement this week to help students overcome Ebbinghaus's Curve of Forgetfulness (see below). The video also states increasing physical activity and blood flow to the brain and ensuring the brain has adequate nutrition can help. Consider how much time students spend sitting in a desk during the day. What can you do to integrate movement into your class? Do you have students who you do not think are getting adequate food at home? Please send their names to a counselor or administrator. We have resources now through the CSHS Food Pantry to be able to help!

Let's create memories this week!


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Register for April 6th Staff Development

Please register for our April 6th Early Release Staff Development Day in Eduphoria at this link.

Your department chairs will let you know how your department will use the time that afternoon.

Planning Ahead?

This link will take you to the Spring Final Exam Schedule.

Donating to Chrissy's Closet

Chrissy's Closet will begin taking new and gently used clothing and shoes donations on Monday, April 4th in the donation bin located in the front office. This CSISD Clothing Closet will open in August of 2016 and be available to all current CSISD students and employees. Check out the Chrissy's Closet FB page for more information:

https://www.facebook.com/csisdclothingcloset/ ​. ​

Contact Campus Representative Anna McBride if you have any questions!

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Sending Work to ISS

Teachers, when you receive an ISS notification for one of your students, please send work at your earliest convenience for your student to complete. If the student is in ISS for multiple days, please send work for the duration of their ISS consequence.

Also, please know that the amount of work sent down for a normal class period traditionally gets completed quickly because of lack of complete understanding or students finishing it swiftly because they have nothing else to do. Consider adding additional resources (textbook, online video or tutorial) to help fill in any gaps where your classroom instruction would have explained the assignment.

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Student Registration Calendar

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Student Recognition

We'd like to recognize the success of our students on the announcements and social media. Please email Tiffany and Victoria or place an announcement in the box on Tiffany's desk. In order to be included on social media, please either send a picture of students or your organizations logo. Thanks!

Walk Throughs: April 4-22, 2016

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Duty Schedule

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Upcoming Events

4/12 AP Testing Pre-Administration

4/12 Lady Cougar Softball vs. Huntsville

4/12 Cougar Baseball vs. Rudder

4/13 Track & Field Varsity District Meet

4/13 AP Testing Pre-Administration

4/15-16 HOSA State Meet @ Galveston

4/15 Lady Cougar Softball @ Consol

4/16 Area FFA Contest @ CSHS

4/18 College Prep Night

4/19 UIL Choir Concert

4/19 Lady Cougar Softball vs. Bryan

4/19 Cougar Baseball vs. Huntsville

4/21 Honor Graduate Meeting

4/21 SkillsUSA Banquet

4/22-23 UIL Academics Regional Meet @ Magnolia

4/22 Cougar Baseball @ Consol

4/26 Cougar Baseball @ Livingston

4/27 CSISD Education Foundation Hall of Fame Dinner

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