North Korea

By Jessa and Jace

The Goverment

North Korea has a very powerful government... here are some facts

1. North Korea's government is conformed by the supreme people's assembly which picks a premier and 3 vice premier's

2. The cabinet now has the right to supervise the local people's committee and administer consul was replaced by the cabinet

3.A Party chief Secretary no longer currently holds the part of lpc chairman which was taken over by former chairman

4.North Korea's government is called authoritarian socialist

5.Judiciary does not practice Judaical review

6. North Korea's fifth and current constitutions was approved in September of 1998

7.North Korea is known for it's poor human rights situation

8.In June of 2010 the power of Chang sun teak was handed down to Kim Jun UN 11

9. Democratic peoples republic of Korea (DPRK)

10. Supreme leader- Kim -Jun UN

11.premier- Pak pong -Ju

12. Highly centralized, single party republic

13. Two satellite organizations the Korean social democratic party and the Chondoist Chongu party

14. Highly influential structure nation defense commission

15.Kim JUN UN the second of the Kim family heads all major government structures

16. Authoritarian socialist, one man dictatorship which is an authoric form of goverment