Term 4 Week 9 - 11 December 2020

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WOW! We made it everyone - The 2020 school year is one we will not forget!

It has been an enjoyable week here at Holy Rosary and I am sure you and your children will be looking forward to a well earned rest and holiday period. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the Graduation Mass and Dinner, the End of Year Concert, parents who helped out at the Big Day Out Excursions and those who plastered my face and beautiful notes across the school! It has all made for a fantastic week.

As this is my last newsletter, can I please take this opportunity to say thankyou to everyone for supporting me this year. I have had such an amazing year and while challenging, it has also been a lot of fun! I would like to thank Mark de Kluyver for going on leave and leaving me in charge of a VERY well run school and high-functioning staff. Mark has been my mentor and good friend for many years, he has taught me a lot about what makes a good school and he has trusted and empowered me to make decisions and to be clear and confident in why I have made them. This school will be in good hands for many years to come!

I would also like to thank Aleana Brennan, Michèle Rowland and Lisa Monzu who have been my sounding boards and filters to every decision we have had to make. They have had to share a very small space with me this year and I am sure they will enjoy a little peace and quiet once I am gone. These guys really are the A Team!

A huge thanks to all the staff here at HR. I have said it many times this year, however, our staff are amazing people and have gone above and beyond. They listen, challenge, show kindness and are lots of fun. I will miss working with such an amazing team!

To the 450 amazing, talented, kind, hilarious, passionate, fun-loving, cheeky, clever, reliable and AWESOME students at Holy Rosary - you are the best and you are the reason why I love my job so much. I look forward to being on morning duty, coming to see you in class, playing at recess, going to carnivals and chilling out on camp and you should all be really proud of the beautiful young people you are. Thank you all for the past 5 years!

Finally, thanks to those who have popped in or caught me around school to say goodbye. I am really excited for the next challenge in my career, however, I will really miss every family in this community. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of such an amazing place!

Have a safe and happy Christmas, a relaxing holiday and get ready for an exciting year next year!



Please include your child's NAME, CLASS (e.g. 5C, 6D) and REASON FOR ABSENCE in the email. admin@hrs.wa.edu.au

You can also submit an Absentee form by clicking on the 'Families' tab on our website https://www.hrs.wa.edu.au/


Please remember if you receive an SMS saying your child is absent - please reply with your name and the child's name and class and reason for absence.


Friday 11 December

  • End of Term 4 - Free Dress
  • Reports available on SEQTA 3pm

Monday 1 February 2021

  • Term 1 Begins

Pupil Free Days 2021

  • Thursday 1 April
  • Monday 19 April
  • Friday 13 August
  • Monday 16 August
  • Monday 11 October
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If there are any issues with regards to reports, teachers will be available on Monday from 1pm to 3pm. Please contact the Office to make a time.



Please read letter below if you intend to travel overseas over the holidays with your family.
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Holy Rosary Swimming Carnival 2020

On December 4 Holy Rosary held the 2020 Faction Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium. There were some fantastic performances on the day with Red getting over the line in a tight finish.

Some of my highlights were all of the smiles on so many faces and laughs shared, it was a joy to see. Another memorable moment was the Faction Captain Teacher Race, the sight of Mr D’Alioa powering away to take the race was priceless.

It was a great way to finish off the sporting program this year and what a year it was. I would like to thank everyone that has helped with the program this year in particular Mrs Catherall.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and well deserved break and we are looking forward to a wonderful 2021.

Rob Flexman & Julie Catherall

Overall Results

Red 1825

Blue 1731

Gold 1574

Green 1482

Champions & Runners Up

Year 3

Boys Champion: Cael Mc Lure Runner Up: Logan Wright

Girls Champion: Halle Elphick Runner Up: Tegan Cruickshank, Ellie Jeuring

Year 4

Boys Champion: James Xanthis Runner Up: Stephen Finneran

Girls Champion: Amy Griffin Runner Up: Georgia Burt

Year 5

Boys Champion: Patrick Borgas Runner Up: Edward Mc Lean

Girls Champion: Emily Elphick Runner Up Bridget Tranter

Year 6

Boys Champion: Aston Thorpe, Sam Cousins Runner Up: Luke Wandel

Girls Champion: Olivia McMahon Runner Up: Ava Tolley

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Holy Rosary is once again donating unused classroom stationery to Give Write, a local not-for-profit enterprise that accepts donations of new and pre-loved school stationery to recycle, repackage and regift to Western Australian kids in need who start the school year with nothing. Thanks for your support!


One thing that 2020 has taught us (amongst many others) is that we are amazing at adapting to change and making the best of challenging situations. Going forward, hopefully this will remind us to be kinder, more accepting, resilient and grateful. The childrens’ smiles at HR have been vital for all of our mental health and we are blessed to be in such a supportive, kind and happy community. I have loved working with them all. Seasons For Growth has been more relevant than ever this year – please see below a mindful guide for looking after yourselves this Christmas. Sending best wishes for some quality time with your loved ones,

Holly Butson

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Another wonderful year in our library. How lucky we are to have books, and for many, to rediscover our love of reading, when the world around us has been topsy turvy. There are still 27 outstanding overdue books. These can be returned to the library/front office on Monday or Tuesday. Please make contact with me via email if you have any queries. Thank you again to my wonderful library monitors and Christmas Elf Anna you are all amazing!! Happy, happy Christmas and see you next year!

Mrs Butson

"I truly believe that if we keep telling the Christmas story, singing the Christmas songs, and living the Christmas spirit, we can bring joy and happiness and peace to this world.” –Norman Vincent Peale

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Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 1 February: T Owen, S Paolino

Wednesday 3 February: M Dixon, G Natalia

Friday 5 February: T Moroney, S Ford

Leanna 0414 953 958

Note: Sushi orders will now be on a Friday and Pizza on a Monday

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Well what a whirlwind that was hey? This year has had it’s fair share of up and downs and here we are at the end of it.

I’d like to thank you all as a parent group for supporting myself and the P&F team this year. Being a new group we’ve tried new things and wanted to embrace the community spirit of the school. So thank you for embracing that with us.

P&F Committee Members

We say goodbye to two of our team who have been on the P&F for 4 years.

Thank you Kristie Denham for serving as Treasurer and always being a voice of reason whenever our discussions have multiple opinions. She always stays cool, calm and collected in every situation! We’re going to miss the wisdom you bring.

Thank you also to Jean Williams for her role as Secretary. Jean knows everything about everything. She throws herself into all that she does and does it with so much enthusiasm. We’re definitely going to miss her sense of fun!

As a group, we’ve all brought our own strengths and opinions, but ultimately we’ve all supported each other, and worked as a great team. I’d like to thank each and every one of them for all they have brought to the team, and the time and effort they have put in. It’s been an absolute joy to share the ride with you!

I’d like to welcome three new members to the P&F which means we have a full house of 10 members for 2021! Jenet Catina is coming in as Secretary and Verity Pheonix is taking over as Treasurer. We also have Ryleigh Stewart joining us as a general member. Thank you for volunteering your time ladies, we’re looking forward to a great year ahead!

A shout out to Michele for all of the behind scenes work she does for us. She does an amazing job and it is very much appreciated. Geordie and Aleana have been so supportive.
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Thank you Geordie & Kathy!

From the P&F team and the parent community we’d like to thank Kathy Tanham for such an incredible 30 years at Holy Rosary. We wish her all the best on her next adventure.

We have passed on a gift to her on behalf of the parent group.

Today is the last day for Geordie or Mr T as he is fondly known as! Both the parents and kids are going to miss the vibrancy, enthusiasm and heart that he has brought to Holy Rosary over the past 5 years. He will be sorely missed. As will his sidekick Fred. On behalf of us all, thank you and good luck, we know you’ll be awesome!

We hope you enjoy our token of appreciation on behalf of the Holy Rosary Parents.

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Cookbook Sponsorship

We’re still looking for small businesses to sponsor our “Home made” Cookbook to be released next year. If you or anyone you know would like to be involved please email holyrosaryhelpers@gmail.com

Thank you Parent Reps & Volunteers

A BIG thank you to all of the Parent Reps this year. Communication is key for the school to function and you are the vital link in achieving this. Your time and effort is very much appreciated by all.

Thank you to anyone who has helped out in any way this year. One of our motto’s is many hands make light work and this is absolutely true.

Wishing you and your families a happy & healthy holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Anita & P&F Team


Please note Uniforms are to be ordered online through Perm-A-Pleat. Go to the School website www.hrs.wa.edu.au and follow the Families Link on the top right of the page.

Perm-A-Pleat will be closed from Tuesday 22nd December and will re-open on Monday 11 January 2021


Please click on link below for the Discovery Kids website.


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au


Saturday: 6:00pm

Sunday: 8am, 10am and 5:30pm

Christmas Mass Times:

Christmas Eve:

Family Mass 6.00pm

Vigil Mass 9.00pm

Christmas Day:

8.00am & 10.00am


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Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music will be teaching keyboard and guitar group lessons next year after school. Lessons start from $18.65 for a group of 4. If you are interested in your child learning an instrument, ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form

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