Principal's News

Week 1- Term 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Wow, what a good week we have had. A huge thank you to everyone for the team effort to have it run so smoothly - from those who prepared the resources, those who led and those who executed. The worth of the two days of testing was very evident with the work completed on Friday. I'm sure that you all have a wealth of information about your students already.

This next couple of weeks is all about settling your grade and building trusting relationships with your students. it's a very good idea to begin with and be explicit about your expectations. What you do in setting the tone is critical and in some respects will define your year. Stick to your values, you know that if you waver our kids will take advantage of it. Remember....It's your room, your class, your rules.

It would be a great idea to send out a Welcome on Tiqbiz. For those who have forgotten - - password: saug4294 will get you in. Please remember that Tiqbiz is not a blog, it is a quick communication app.

Thank you to Brenda and Paul for your magnificent hospitality on Friday night. I think that I can say on behalf of everyone that it was a lovely relaxed night - lots of laughs, minimal cheating in Danielle's games, delicious food and good company.

Extra furniture, just let Jason know and he will hide it for you. Short of furniture...again, speak to Jason and he will have a search for you. This year Jason will be with us on Monday and Thursday.

2014 The year of the frog!

From the Handbook!

What can I wear on these hot days?

There is a saying .... if I can see up it, down it or through it, it's not suitable for school. I would also add that if you wear it to the beach, it is not professional rubber thongs are out. Underwear is not outerwear, singlets come into this category. Neat, easy and breezy is the way to go.

Refer: Staff handbook 2013

What else....

  • Keep your eyes on those Preps while you are in the yard
  • Use of the oval will be a daily proposition depending on the weather. If it is too hot at 11am the seniors will be kept up the top
  • Make sure that you come to the line with a smile on your face. Some of our students are very nervous about the year ahead
  • It's newsletter week...if you have anything that you want to contribute please have it to Christine by Wednesday
  • Have a GREAT first week!