Peek at the Week

May 9th, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day all about you! Thank you for all of your support and all you do.

Fun Times Times Week!

We are in the lead for Boosterthon pledges! The children have earned the following:

Monday - Picnic lunch with the Boosterthon gang! There is no need to pack a lunch if you normally do not. Children are welcome to go through the cafeteria line and bring their tray out to the picnic tables in the courtyard.
- Children also earned ice pops. We will be enjoying those after a warm recess!

Friday - Boosterthon Fun Run and children earned a technology / game day. Children will be given 30 minutes at the end of the day to engage in games. Your child is allowed to bring in a kindle, ipad ...etc or a favorite card or board game. Please know that this is 'at your own risk'.

Class curriculum

Writer's Workshop - We are continuing our fiction writing. This week we are exploring writing a series containing the same character.

Reader's Workshop - Children will be exploring new plays in their theater troupes.

Math Workshop - Children are building an understanding of creating equal equations.

Science - In makerspace children will create their own balance and demonstrate equality.

Class Calendar

Mon. May 9th - snack - Brayden

encore -Library

Tues. May 10th - snack- Brock

encore - Art 2

Wed. May 11th - snack - Canali

encore - Chinese

Thurs. May 12th - snack - Colton

encore - PE

Fri. May 13th - snack -Charlotte

encore - Art

Mon. May 16th - snack - Columbia

encore - Music