By: Grant Kellond

Wind Energy

How It Works

The turbines are a complete opposite of fans. Fans use energy to make wind whereas wind turbines use wind to make energy.

They do this by when the wind comes it spins the blades which spins a rod that is connected to a generator that is inside the turbine. (see example above)

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Pros & Cons


-Non-polluting electricity/ No green house gases

-No fuel needed

-can power 1,500 houses

-People find wind farms interesting

-A good/efficient way of making energy

-Renewable energy so we never run out


-The Turbines cost a lot of $$$(because of the motor plus the parts are huge)

-Noise that turbine makes

(^^Has sorta been solved by relocating turbine)

-Can be a safety hazard because planes might not see them and hit them

-Can kill birds

-Sometimes there isn't wind so it won't produce energy

My Opinion

I think the wind turbines are a good idea. First of all they are one of the cleanest ways of getting energy. Like by not polluting the air with say green house gases or any of that stuff. Plus they also don't take up much space. Also people think they are a interseting feature to the land.