March Newsletter

Little Friends' Children's Center

Program Highlights

Beginning March 3rd, It is our Dr. Suess Birthday Week! We will have green eggs and ham, wear some silly hats, and read many wonderful Suess books! What fun!

This month we will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and learn about spring and the exciting weather changes! The children will be learning about healthy foods and healthy habits along with cooking and tasting! Our field trips will include Peak Gymnastics, Eastwood Nursing Home for art class, library visits, snow shoe hikes, and The Children’s Museum.


March 14– Friday is a break day at Lakeview School. We expect to fill fast so have your schedule in early! Preschool classes will not be held.

March 31 – April 4 is Spring Break for Negaunee Public Schools. If your school age child will need childcare schedules are due now. If your child will be absent please let us know now. Thank you. Preschool classes will not be held during the break.


Thank you for your support and dedication to our annual equipment fundraiser. As a nonprofit childcare center your tuition is lower than most childcare centers. This is because of a Federal Food Grant, nonprofit tax structure and this annual equipment fundraiser. With your help we are able to maintain the “extras” which help this to be a quality program for your children. We are in need of new sleeping cots and mats,

The cookie dough should be ready for delivery in two weeks following the order placement. Please see your packet for additional information Thank you. (If you choose not to sell your buy out will be billed at the time of delivery. See your enrollment form for more information.)


Several of the staff will be attending an early childhood conference this month concerning children and the importance of play.

Behind the scene we are preparing for several annual inspections, physical plant, health department, and DHS program quality inspection. Inspections are important to your child’s health and safety and to insure that we are in compliance with the regulations which help to promote quality early childhood practices.


I wish you could see your child’s entire day! Just what do these busy children do? They could be in a marching band marching through the Center or singing and dancing, listening to a book being read in story circles, making a group art project, racing toy cars, cooking in the play kitchen, riding cars, play outdoors, take their shoes off when ever they can, block building and so much more!


The preschool teachers are very creative! During the letter V week, I saw many children tasting “Very good Vegetables.” They have many fun and exciting learning activities planned for this month too! Your child’s classroom calendar is avaible on the lobby shelf.

The NMU Nursing students present weekly healthy habit programs for the children. The MARESA voulenteers enjoy reading with the children and playing games. We hope to be outdoors more this month! We are done with the very cold weather!


The children in Miss Debbie and Miss Sue’s prekinder class will partcipate in a graduation ceremony at the Negaunee Township Hall on May 21, at 6:30 p.m. We will have more information as the date becomes closer.


Miss Brenda, our cook and I have been working together to add more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables to our menu. The children really like the changes. We have been trying some new cassorole recipes. The dishes have more healthy ingredients of which the children have mixed reviews about… we will keep trying!

The new paint colors have freshened the Center and seems to help with our spirts as we have spent way too many days indoors. Spring is just around the corner?! We brighting up the infant room with fresh paint later this month!

Preperation for the upcoming summer program has begun. Please share with me any ideas that you may have for our program.

I recently read that 80% percent of MI elementary students do not pass science and math on the MEAP test. This has been a concern in education circles for some time. Through research and new tests this may soon change. At Little Friends we have built science into our preschool program. We offer Weekly Reader Science, and Miss Debbie prepares a weekly science unit. In the preschool age programs we have many math manipulatives and prepare many activities with science themes. We hope to develop a love for math and science in the children as they prepare for their elementary years.

Have a Wonderful Month!