MHS Tech Tips & Reminders

December 2012 Edition

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl F This helps you find a particular word on a page or document

Ctrl C Copy feature

Ctrl V Paste feature

Windows button L Locks your computer for security

Windows button Page Break Pulls up your computer's name (desktop only)

//helpdesk This can be entered into the browser to create a Help Desk Ticket quickly*

Microsoft Outlook

Make Life Easier...

When using your UCPS email please consider using the Microsoft Outlook program rather than the web based application. Simply follow these steps AT SCHOOL to merge your account onto your computer:

  1. Go to Start Menu/All Programs/Microsoft Office/Microsoft Outlook
  2. The program will ask you to set up your email account, select Yes and then click Next
  3. It will automatically detect and configure your account and click Next again
  4. Once setup is complete click Finish (You may get a message informing you that it is merging your account, simply click OK)

Images Retrieved from Google Images 11/28/2012