Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson a.k.a Tom the bomb

Robinson Biography

Tom Robinson ,a man who plays a major role in the novel ¨To kill a mockingbird¨by Harper Lee , is a colored man who was accused of the rape of a white girl , unfortunately the setting is in the 1930's . Even with Atticus as his lawyer he is still convicted even though all the evidence says that he is not guilty and killed in a so-called escape attempt .


i aint do nothing , im innocent on squad

-Tom the Cripple. Tom's crippled left arm made it physically impossible for him to have committed the crime of assault or rape upon Mayella. The bruises found around her neck and the bruised right side of her face could only have been made by a man with two strong hands--a man " 'who led almost exclusively with his left."

-Honest Tom vs. Bob the Liar. Tom's skin color prevented the jury from accepting Tom's word over that of Bob Ewell, but the innocent children had no problem accepting Tom's story over Bob's. Bob told the jury that he witnessed Tom " 'ruttin' on my Mayella,' " though Mayella's own testimony offered no specifics concerning the supposed rape. Tom's honest response about running away when Bob appeared--" 'if you was a nigger like me, you'd be scared, too' "--seemed a more likely scenario than the tale told by Bob.

" goddamn whore , ill kill ya. "-Bob the drunk


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