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Celebrations with Congressman John Lewis

Another Smore report by Caitlin Jacobson, Ketchikan, AK

Congressman John Lewis & the March Trilogy

John Lewis has spoken several times at ALA conferences lately. I was able to hear him speak a few years back when his graphic novel biography, March: Book One, first came out. He spoke multiple times at this year's Annual Conference, as the March team was in Chicago to celebrate the many ALA awards they won in 2017. Lots of standing ovations, and tears... As my committee was one of those giving March an award, I spent a lot of the conference at events featuring the March team.

I wanted to share a few video clips for the Puffin - please take a look below! There are also some excellent teacher's guides available for the Congressman's books, also linked below.
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My 2017 Sibert Committee with editor Leigh Walton, Congressman Lewis, and illustrator Nate Powell.
2017 ALA Annual Conference - Rep. John Lewis on Dreaming Dreams Through Books
John Lewis Extended Interview - Getting Into Trouble to Fight Injustice: The Daily Show

LESSON LINKS lesson plan on March: Book One
"Using Graphic Novels in Education: March: Book One"

March: Book One Teacher's Guide from Top Shelf Productions
Teacher's Guide

Other Links of Interest

Congressman John Lewis: "Get in Trouble. Good Trouble"
"March" With Congressman John Lewis
Congressman John Lewis at the Atlanta Women's March