The Pain Of The Crusade

By: Karmen Reed

Eliezer Ben Nathans point of view

The crusades have caused so much damage to our Jewish world

The Women were used for... making Children

The men were tortured, killed and, put as prisoners

And the children younger than 4 were taken away from the parents and the children from 5 to 13 were put to be slaves and did hard labor

Everywhere you look there are jews hung on stakes and being burned

The sounds in the air are only cries, screams and chains being pulled along the ground

The Crusades did the most horrific things possibly imagined to the jews

Eliezer's Oppinions

This man was a Jewish poet writer

He was put through the worst violence of his life during the crusade

Everything he had owned and done was put to waste when the crusades stole it

But they couldnt take away his mind full of poetry

This man wrote about how the jews were suididal and killed their children to display more dedication towards God, than change their religeon when they could lie about the invading beliefs

He thought of the crusades as really crappy people, and that his kind didnt believe they diserved all these tradigies.