Vanguard Gaming

The 5th Grade Gaming club

If you're going to Orchard Hills and in 5th Grade look below if not ignore


-Must be familiar with the game and its tactics

-Skype needed or Facetime if Rook made exception

-vast knowledge of gaming

-Good multi tasker(not needed but if want to rank up(ranks below)

-accepted application(email below)

Website Link click here(WIP)

Ranking system

we have a ranking system here it is.

Initiate. Ranked when first joined

Elite; Proved an Elite Gamer by a Superior

Ranger(Elite Archer)

Purifier(Champion of game or server)

Raven; Supervises Initiates


Reaper;Relentless Attacker

Praetor:Commanding Officer

Commandant:Leader of a Squadron

Commander;Best of the Best, Second-in-Command

Rook;Leader of the Vanguards

Who we are

We are the Vanguards. Elites at every game we play

Current Members(codenamed)

Drakken(Rook, Purifier, Commandant)


Siege(Reaper, Commando)

Talon(Elite, Ranger, Praetor)


Arrow(Tactician, Ranger)