By Abram Moudi, Alexander Oshima, and Joseph Scolini

What are Drones?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or for short U.A.V.Drones are commonly controlled by a remote control or tablet. Drones are used for surveillance, for the military, or most commonly used for playing with as a casual time consumer. and those are just some drones that are used. In the picture below, you see a drone that most kids would like to play with as a toy.
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The revolution of drones

The military first released remote controlling drones in the 80s and the 90s. In the late 90s, the Air Force began working on unmanned air crafts with loaded missiles. Now drones are mainly for surveillance but, are being weaponized for counter attacks and anti, ballistic missiles.
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Why are drones so popular?

Drones are so popular because the person who has the drone feels they have control and makes them have a little bit of adrenaline when they drone is in flight making them have a great affinity for these high flying machines. They also have many uses. These uses varies from racing to national security.
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Controversy about drones

Drones have been the subject of controversy for decades. The reason drones have been the subject for controversy for many years is because the mini drones have high definition cameras and can fly into or on to someone's property.There have been many laws that were decreed about drones. You have to register the drone to the United States government. They have even invented anti drone weapons. Including, radar guns and trained animals. In some cases, people have shot down drones with firearms.

What is the significance about drones?

The significance about drones are the way its made. Its very significant that our technology has gone so far and can make a person control something so intricate and sleek. It's also significant because if its for surveillance and you feel that safety so you can always see if someone tries to break in to your home or your business.

Connection, T-S, T-T, T-W

Abram- T-S, I have a drone and its really fun to play with.

Joey-Drones are of importance to me because they can make the United States safe and a great place to live.

Alex- T-S, I like drones and so does my relatives. In my family, including my uncles, we have about 8 drones of all types.

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