Native Land Claims

First Nations People Dissatisfied

History/Geography connection

History that relates to the issue:

- the Canadian government made treaties with the First Nations people and promised them certain rights and privileges so that they could occupy their land

-the First Nations people moved onto reserves and they had to adopt a new way of living

Current Issue:

-the government claims the lands belong to them or companies that bought the land

-many Native groups have taken their land claims to court against the government

-some people agree with the claims, but many do not want to give back the land

-there have been some land claims, but also some conflicts: 1990 at Oka, Quebec

-they also believe that they have the right to self-government many bands now have their own education system and their own police forces

How will the government solve this issue?

- funds controlled by the federal government are slowly being turned over for management to the First Nations people

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