Positive Skills



  • Etiquette: the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
  • It is important to have etiquette because it is crucial to act in a polite manner in social settings as a respect for others and their customs.


  • Tact: sensitivity while dealing with others or with difficult issues.
  • It is important to be tact because you can avoid making bad situations worse by saying the right thing at the right time


  • Punctuality: being able to arrive or do something at the expected or planned time.
  • It is important to be punctual because it shows that you take whatever you do serious and that you are responsible or trustworthy.


  • Optimism: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
  • It is important to be optimistic because people will want to be around you due to your positive attitude, as well as the fact that you will have a better outlook on life and be happier.


  • Netiquette: the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.
  • It is important to have netiquette because it is crucial to be mindful when posting and commenting online because it will be in the internet forever and will effect you in the future.