Wilson District Newsletter

October 2021

A message from Mr. Rose

Our first Quarter of the 2021-2021 school year is now behind us. Each school community is continuing to strive for excellence by providing a student-centered curricular program.

I would like to thank our Wilson Community for its continued support. It has been amazing to see the engagement that we have had in developing our strategic plan and at our community forums.

In an ever-shifting global economy, preparing scholars for college and careers is not the same as it was decades ago.

Instead of teachers lecturing to students sitting in rows of desks, youth engage in collaborative discussions, projects and labs with individual and team work. Learning core academics is not enough. The traditional three Rs – reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic – have expanded to add the four Cs – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

How is the Wilson School District keeping up with this changing world? We continually evaluate our Pre K thru 8 grade curriculum to ensure alignment to the State Standards as well as providing ongoing assessments for learning. Scholars are provided authentic opportunities for engagement in culturally relevant learning activities. Being ‘college and career ready’ ultimately means that students are prepared for their next steps and that all doors remain open to them as they continue to pursue their education and their careers.

Wilson Primary School

We wrapped up the 1st quarter of the year with a Rainbow Day. Each grade level/department was assigned a color to represent the colors of the rainbow for our theme, “Rainbow of Opportunities”. The students and staff all looked spirited representing their colors. We have many accomplishments in 1st quarter that need to be highlighted and celebrated.

First, we successfully completed the 1st quarter in-person since March of 2020. Students and staff all followed the district mitigation plan to keep everyone safe and healthy. Students were reminded of the purpose behind the protocols to ensure that they understood the importance of following the rules. In addition to the mitigation plan, the students followed the Wilson Way; Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. We had assemblies highlighting the expectations on our campus. We honored those students who followed the Wilson Way with Paws Passes where they were entered into the monthly drawings.

Second, teachers began incorporating WICOR into their lessons to ensure that the students are effectively writing, inquiring, collaborating, organizing and reading throughout the day. Teachers are meeting students in small group instruction where they are able to target each student’s needs. Students are eager to learn new skills each day and are actively participating in the lessons.

Lastly, we had a successful family engagement night at Peter Piper Pizza. What a great turn out! Thank you all for coming and supporting our schools! We are grateful for the families and staff for always putting Wilson first.

We are looking forward to starting the 2nd quarter. Continue to be informed through Class Dojo, district website and social media! We have a lot of things planned this quarter.

-Mrs. Wojcicki

Wilson Elementary School

Wilson Elementary has been focusing on meeting the needs of our students. Returning to in-person learning has been a struggle for some of our students. It is very important that students are in class, on time, daily. Attendance will help your student gain new knowledge while filling in any educational gaps they may have. As we have explained to our students, it is important that we attend school and complete all assignments.

As an AVID National Demonstration School, we believe in effort, respect, and responsibility. With effort, comes assignments. We learn from figuring out our point of confusion and moving forward. If students are not completing assignments, it is difficult for our teachers to offer support with learning gaps. Trying and applying the effort is huge! To celebrate this effort, all of the students who completed all assignments enjoyed an extra 45 minutes of recess this quarter. 8th graders also received a bonus field trip to a park for a picnic, rides, and games! What will the next activity be for all students putting in the most effort? We will have to wait and see but I am sure it will be fun!

-Ms. Campton

Big picture

Community Center

Wilson Community Center celebrates the amazing partnership with Salvation Army! The Christmas Angel Program is a wonderful program that allows families to receive gifts during the holiday season and Wilson is allocated 130 spots!!

We have also partnered with Ballet Arizona. Our 4th and 5th grade students gave an exceptional performance during their program Ballet Under the Stars at Steele Indian Park.

Partnering with the University of Arizona, AZ Health Zone, we will be able to add Yoga sessions to Wilson.

Our partnership with Camp Swift allows for afterschool programs for our 4th to 6th grade students.

Wilson is also partnering with Valley Wise to bring free Car Seat Safety Classes and a free car seat or booster seat to our families.

Wilson also had the privilege of hosting a COVID and Flu Clinic. We had over 40 people come to the clinic for at least one of the two shots available to the public.

Creating and maintaining partnerships helps to expand and grow the relationship between Wilson and the many great businesses and organizations.

-Mrs. Duran

Wilson Community Center Event Calendar

Check out what is going on at the Wilson Community Center!

Curriculum & Instruction

The first quarter of the school year just came to an end. Kids like to celebrate their accomplishments. As parents, our challenge is how to celebrate children’s successes without going overboard.

From good grades to turning in all the missing assignments or making it through the week at a new school, there are lots of achievements worth celebrating as a family.

Here are six simple ways to celebrate life’s smaller victories and bigger moments:

1. Take time.

Fitting in a “celebration” may seem impossible or even get forgotten in the chaos of a week. That’s why it is important to acknowledge an accomplishment as soon as possible. Giving your full, undivided attention to a child is often what he or she is seeking. That, and a hug, can go a long way toward celebrating life’s small (and sometimes big) moments.

2. Tell others.

In an age of social media, it has become much more commonplace to share your children’s achievements with others on Facebook and Instagram. But are there people your children would like to share their accomplishments with? Texting a picture or FaceTiming with friends and family may be a better option than social media. Words from Grandma and Grandpa about good grades are fun to hear, and FaceTiming with them about a good week at school acknowledges the accomplishment and keeps them informed of all the positives.

3. Display it.

Depending on their ages, displaying children’s work or awards is a way for them to feel that their accomplishment is worthy of being viewed. Buy a set of inexpensive plastic frames that can be used as a rotating display of pictures and awards. Hang a corkboard where an older child might like to put up ribbons or medals. The kitchen refrigerator is always a place people go, which makes it the perfect spot for putting up photos of events, report cards, and artwork that makes your child proud. A chalkboard in a high-traffic area can be your family headline board, announcing a child’s accomplishment like a news flash!

4. Pick the meal.

Getting the chance to be the mealtime decision-maker can be a special treat to celebrate an accomplishment. Whether it’s a frozen-yogurt treat, dinner at a favorite local restaurant, or a favorite meal at home followed by a family movie or game night, your child will enjoy the opportunity to choose the celebration.

From supportive words to displaying work, it’s simple to take a few moments to make your children feel special about their accomplishments. There is often little cost to acknowledging important moments in life. When parents and others acknowledge hard work toward a goal, it is very meaningful and encouraging, especially to children.

-Mrs. Willey

Human Resources

The Wilson School District would like to recognize the following employees for their excellent service during the first quarter of the 2021-2022 school year.

Roberto Gonzalez - Certified Teacher – Wilson Elementary School

Sydney Beasley - Instructional Asst. – Wilson Elementary School

Armida Dominguez - Driver/Transporter – Wilson Community Center

Mariana Melendrez - Homeless Liaison – Wilson Community Center

Usebia Joyce - Gov. Board/Sup. Secretary – Wilson District Office

Mark Sikora - Maintenance Mechanic – Wilson Maintenance Department

Nalley Carranza - Instructional Asst. – Wilson Primary School

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

-Mr. Dumas

Business Services

The Business Services department consists of four (4) positions

  • Director of Business Services and Technology
    Beth Strickler
  • Budget Accounting Specialist
    Ken McKenzie
  • Payroll Specialist
    Alicia Guzman-Arreola
  • Accounts Payable Specialist
    Nicki Halvorson

This month we celebrate the return to the physical office of our Payroll Specialist, Alicia Guzman-Arreola. Alicia has been working from home since early April 2021 after a serious accident.

On behalf of Ken, Nicki and myself – WELCOME BACK Alicia!

Child Find

Child Find, a component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), enables states to locate, identify, and evaluate all children with disabilities, aged birth through 21, who need early intervention or special education services. Special education services are available for children of any age (birth through 21 years). Wilson School District is responsible for locating, identifying, evaluating, and serving all children with disabilities (ages 3-21) and referring children ages 0-3 to AzEIP for evaluation and appropriate services. AzEIP is the Arizona Early Intervention Program for infants and toddlers. Wilson provides free and appropriate public education that includes special education and related services to children at public expense, under public supervision and direction without charge to parents. For all school-age students who are new to the district, the classroom teacher will complete screening activities within 45 days of enrollment. If any concerns are noted, the child will be referred for help. Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s education may contact the Special Education Department at Wilson, (602) 683-2400, ext. 4205.


Are you currently experiencing temporary living arrangements due to eviction, job loss or a traumatic event? Wilson School District offers services to families through the McKinney-Vento Assistance Act. Services such as enrollment and immunization assistance, uniforms or school supplies, community referrals and in some cases, transportation can be available. Your family may qualify due to living with another family or friend due to financial hardship or living in a shelter, transitional housing, or motel. Please contact your school office or Mariana Melendrez at 602-683-2515, ext 6002 for more information about this program.