I am so excited you have just joined my Team and Downline!


Congratulations on starting your own business and welcome to our Thirty-One family! As a new Consultant, you are sure to have many questions and we're here to support you as you begin your Thirty-One career.

Your Enrollment Kit is on its way and in the meantime, you're invited to participate in our live New Consultant Welcome Webinar where we'll equip you with the basics of your new business so you can maximize your success. Register for a date that fits your schedule!

Also, take some time to become familiar with some great business tools that we offer our Consultants by visiting MyThirtyOne.com or ThirtyOneToday.com.

Upon entering either of these two sites, we've kept it simple for you! Your login information is the same for both MyThirtyOne.com and ThirtyOneToday.com. Simply enter your Consultant ID number on the first page of each website; the password is either the last four digits of your Social Security number or the one you set up when you enrolled.

Information For Your Records
Your Consultant ID number is 389184

Enrollment Date is 07/27/2013
Your Sponsor is Jennifer Pasalakis phone 9302837480

Your StartSwell date can be found on the Login page of your virtual office under your ID Box. Your StartSwell date can be found on the Login page of your Virtual Office under your ID Box. StartSwell rewards you with awesome products to jump start your business when you reach Personal Volume goals during your first 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.

This site has two parts: your personal website where your Customers can place orders and view your calendar, and your virtual office where you can place orders, personalize your website, set up party events, manage contacts and more!

This is a website exclusively for Consultants where you can find up to date business news and information, as well as valuable training tools to use in your new Thirty-One career. Visit our New Consultant page for great tips and details on how to get your business of to a successful start!

Again, welcome to Thirty-One! If you need further support, feel free to call 614-414-GIFT (4438) or e-mail us at OrderSupport@thirtyonegifts.com.

Wishing you much success,

Your Home Office Team