Do Google Reviews Help Ranking

Since Google first began showing the little stars in SERPs

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Undeniable Benefits Offered by Positive Reviews on Google

There are many business owners who wonder - do google reviews help ranking? The fact is, statistics have shown that 56 percent of consumers will choose a business if it has positive ratings or reviews in the local pack. And that’s just the beginning of the power that positive reviews on Google offer.

Google Matters

Since Google first began showing the little stars in SERPs, people started to notice. This includes both consumers and business owners. Businesses began to ask – are there any positive reviews (or reviews at all) online for them? How many are there? And, what are customers saying?

The fact is, google reviews – or the lack thereof – can seriously impact whether or not a consumer picks a business. If the reviews are limited, nonexistent or mostly negative, chances are a buyer’s going to move on to the next available service provider.

Now is the Time to Seek Reviews for a Business

The social proof present in star ratings and reviews helps shoppers to minimize the research that needs to be done and to make decisions faster with more confidence than before. Having a positive reputation online is one of the most powerful assets that any business has. The fact is, a large number of five-star reviews can help to influence new customers to actually make a purchase.

If a business doesn’t have any reviews, now is the time to begin acquiring them. This can be done in a number of ways, such as asking for reviews, providing incentives for customers who leave reviews and more.

When it comes to acquiring Google reviews, don’t try to “fake it.” This is considered a black hat technique and can have serious consequences – including a site being blacklisted by Google for good. A better option is to continue providing superior customer service and let the natural reviews flow in.

The bottom line is Google reviews matter. If a business does not have a plan in place to help cultivate these (in an ethical and “white hat” manner) now is the time to develop one. Doing so can help ensure customers find and want to use the business.