The Executive Branch

By: Eric Patrick and that one idiot

Presidents line of sucession

The Vice President, The Speaker of the house, The President Pro Temp, Secretary of State, Secretary of treasury, Secretary of defense are the first 6 and most important if the president is to pass.

Responsibillites of the VP

The VP currently is Joe Biden, his main jobs are he is the president of the senate. He advises his ideas on things and backs up our prez. He is next in line if our president should suddenly die in office or become unable to continue. He is a key role in the executive branch.

The Presidential Cabinet.

The Presidents Cabinet are some of the most important people in our government who run our government agencies. The first few members of the cabinet are the VP, Secretary of State, and the respected leaders of the Treasury, Justice, and defense departments. There are many more but thats just a few.

National Security Council

The purpose of the National security council is to consider and talk about security matters here in the good ol US of A and threats in other countries that involve us. The Council is made up of Military leaders and department heads as well as other cabinet members.

The office of management and Budget

The Office of Management and Budget is a group of officials that regulates how the president and government divides is budget every year. They examine how much money should go to what and if things need to be switched around and added. This is a key group to our countries success.
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Chief of Staff and other white house members

The chief of staff and other white house members such as secretary of press essentially schedule and make sure the president's day goes according to plan. They are like several office secretaries.

Federal Bureaucracy

This is the term to describe our over 500 government agencies that work in tandem to make our government work almost like the Cogs of a machine.