CVU Nordic Ski Team

Season Info

CVU Nordic Team Website

Lots of info, including registering for the 2014-15 season, can be found on our team website at

CVU Online Auction- Our main Fundraiser

Each year CVU Nordic runs an online auction as our Main Fundraiser. If we do this well, we don't need to do any other fundraising for the season! We ask that skiers/parents get 2 donated items from local companies to put in the auction. We have a google doc to keep track of who goes to which companies so we don't over ask. We also have a solicitation letter for skiers to use when asking. It is important that skiers sign up on the google doc so we don't over ask- skiers are able to add companies to the google doc if they think of a new idea.

We will be asking everyone to use social media to advertise for us so we can spread our wings further than just the CVU community. The more viewers the better our fundraising!

Hot items in the past always include gIft cards to stores and restaurants, tickets for experiences such as skiing, theater and other events, and unique products such as handmade items, Vermont products, unique travel experiences. More details on how to ask for donation and places to think about can be found on the team website

The money raised in the auction is for wax, waxing equipment, uniforms, additional coaching staff. If you don't want to participate in the auction we ask that you donate $75 to help with these costs.

Nordic Ski Team Informational Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 at 6pm

CVU, in the Cafeteria

6:00pm- New Skiers & Parents (team details and equipment)

6:45pm- All Skiers & Parents (Fundraising and team changes)

Meet in Cafeteria

See our team website: and/or contact Sarah at with questions

Sleepy Hollow Trail Day Sunday, Oct. 19th 1-5pm

Sunday, Oct. 19th 2014 at 1-5pm

427 Ski Lodge Dr

Huntington, VT

Come help maintain our home course trails!

Open to all ages, skiers, parents, family members. Sleepy Hollow is hosting a BBQ for everyone who helps out after the work. If you have long handed pruning shears, shovels, pole saws (3'-8' in length), hand saws, short step ladders... these all come in handy. Also, bring a side dish, chips, dribks to share at the BBQ

Details here