The Reformation

By: Munira (The Great) Mohamed

What was the change?

The Reformation was the movement from belief in the Catholic church to non-catholic ones. The views of the people before this change were very parochial,they listened to whatever the pope said and went with it. Slowly,the catholic church was growing corrupt by the minute. One of their most astonishing corruptions was the selling of indulgences-which people thought were a pardon from sin. However, instead of gaining salvation from their good works the members of the church found this as a way to raise money for themselves. At this time, many inventions and techniques were being created, as a direct result of Johann Gutenberg's improved printing press which was opened to the public, this led to a shift in beliefs when more people started to believe that what the catholic church was doing was unethical. This led people to slowly break away their ties from the church. There were three types of reformations at this time: Counter Reformation, Protestant Reformation, and English Reformation.
Turning Points in History - The Reformation

The picture on the right shows the important reformers that played a key role in this change and the video above talks about the Reformation

People associated with this change

How did the change impact society at the time?

The picture on the right is a map of Europe after the Reformation

The Reformation impacted society at the time by letting the Catholic church realize what they were doing was out of order so they reformed themselves which was known as the Counter Reformation. This started the creation of the Council of Cardinals who investigated the selling of indulgences and other abuses. Then a council of church leaders met together in Trent and finally came to an agreement that Indulgences were acceptable on some terms and that the two equally powerful authorities in a christian's life was bible and church. Also at the time new christian religions started to surface and people stopped depending on the Catholic Church as much as they were in the Middle Ages.

How is the change still evident in today's society?

The diagram on the below shows the division of Christianity that is still present today

This dramatic change led to the creation of numerous religions that we know today. If there wasn't the Protestant Reformation then the Catholic church would still be making all the decision in Europe and that the Catholic church would remain the dominant religion in Western Europe. If it wasn't for the Catholic reformation then the church would still be making the same mistakes it has been making ever since the Middle Ages. If it wasn't for the English reformation, Queen Elizabeth would never be so lenient in giving the Protestants a chance to settle on the Americas and practice their religion freely. America would have never been created until later notice for that matter.

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