Dive Into Summer

What a Sun-Sational Year!

Happy to "Sea" You

The school year is almost o-fish-ally over! Take a splash on June 6 and browse our Water Park projects in the fabulous new makerspace. Students have been working hard imagining, researching, planning, creating, and producing amazing boards and other materials to bring their visions to life. Stay with us as we enjoy sandwiches, treats, and stories from the year.

Here's the Scoop (Our Agenda)

11:30-12:30: Water Park presentations

12:30-1:15: Lunch with our homeroom

1:15-1:30: Grab a seat in the gymnasium for Awards Day

1:30-3:00: CIS Awards Presentation

"Water" You Thinking? Want to Join Us?

Monday, June 6th, 11:30am-1:15pm

Cecil Intermediate School Makerspace


Please let us know if you can attend by filling out the bottom below or emailing me at


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Circle One:

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