Classical Conversations Prescott

Cycle 1

Week 8 Overview

Hey God glorifying families!! I am so glad to be back! We all missed you during week 7 but are so glad to be back for week 8 and beyond. It was so great sharing our sweet little community with Jen Jackson, our support manager, this week. I think she was very impressed and glad to see us all thriving. She and I go WAY back (her Garrett and my Eli were little together!) and she has been a blessing to me. What a fun week this was with the crayfish. I have to admit, those little suckers spent some time hiding in our garage this week and nothing else has happened with them. I hope somebody will share their adventure dissecting and observing their insides!! It was also so fun exploring the tin whistle and learning a little music. It's been awhile since I picked up any type of instrument, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes! I don't have a degree or any higher education in music and it is NOT my thing. My kids like to blast their tin whistles at home (to the dismay of their mother!). But WOW! During class your kids were AMAZING listeners!! These kiddos are so great and full of life and energy and happiness and I am very thankful that I get to be a part of their learning.

Week 9 is owl pellets, and we will be really digging into them, literally!

Please let me know how I can encourage and support you along your homeschooling journey! Please also let me know what I can do to help your child capture the memory work better on our CC day. I am still learning how to do all this, and I could use as much constructive criticism as I can get! Thank you so much for letting me learn alongside you and your kiddos!