Interview with Mrs. Dollinger

By: Kaden Harrison

Background Info

Mrs. Dollinger is a young teacher that has a Masters degree in Education and a bachelors degree in Business and Ministration. In order to get these degrees and has graduated from Sam Houston and has been teaching ever since.

Mrs. Dollinger has been teaching in Tomball since 2009 and has been teaching a variety of classes such as:

  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • BIM I
  • Business Law
  • Digital and Interactive Media
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing

More About Her

  • Teaches grades 9 through 12
  • Works on average of 50 to 55 hours a week
  • Biggest challenges for her are trying to connect with students
  • The biggest reward for her being a teacher is summer vacation.
  • She has a 10 on the self motivation scale
  • She uses the radio and music to calm down the students in her class and to encourage them to do their work and stay on task
  • She has the students communicate with their peers to help each other out and if tat doesn't work, then she will help them out and if they REALLY need help, she will do a one on one and go through it with them

In the classroom Mrs. Dollinger is like a bloomed flower in the middle of an ocean of lava. She uses the computers in the class to keep the students focused and organized with their work.

Some are mean

Others are nice

Most are helpful

But there is always that one

That will be there when you need them

Three words that describe her:

  • outgoing - it tends to keep her at bay when she is frustrated with a student or is upset.
  • up beat - always keeps things moving
  • helpful - always ready to help someone in need