Emily's Career Project

Emily Feng


My personality color is green which tells me that 1. I am a Independent thinker I like to think about my future and the things that I would do in the future ,2.Constant challenges it really depends what kind of challenges they are, because if I did a challenge that I don't like then. I wouldn't get that job and I wouldn't like it. I like the challenges that I do like and also the challenge that wouldn't be hard .3.Develop models I kind of like delvloping models so then you could see what you've made but sometimes you could fail , and 4.Explore ideas I love exploring ideas because you get to use your own brain your own creativity you get be and also I like to help people with their needs.

Physical Therapists

I want to be a physical therapists because , I like to help people and being around them also you have a chance to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives on a regular basis. And you have the opportunity to work with patients, one-on-one and help them progress through treatment and return to the activities they love. Also you get to help them reach their fitness goals and you could be proud of your self if they did reach their goals because you helped them reach their goals. Physical therapists salary is 82,390 per year and they need a masters degree or doctoral degree to get the job.

Texas A&M University

After I graduate Hebron high school ,I would like to go to Texas A&M for college because, the school is not to far to drive it only takes 3 hours. Their food is I guess their good but they have CStat and the CStat have The Dixie Chicken, Fuego, Layne's, Gumby's, Blue Baker, Napa Flats, Hullabaloo Diner, Pita Pit, Blackwater Draw, The Potato Shack, and they have many more. Finally friends if you don't have any friends going to the same college as you then you would became a loner, and nobody wants to be a longer ,sometimes it's hard to make friends at college. Sometimes you never know if they're going to be very busy or if they have some spare time. So that's why I want to go to Texas A&M because of friends, good education, and food.

Texas A&M Info

~ Location: Bryan TX

~ Annual cost: $7,844.00

~ Tuition/Fees: $7,844.00

~ Tuition/Cost in-state , on campus: $19,895.00

~ Tuition/Cost out-of-state , on campus: $34,235.00


Number of Applicants - 20,887

Percent Admitted - 70%


When I get a job in the future hopefully it's a physical therapist. My career will affect my life style. A physical therapist is payed very likely, and their salary is 82,390. The Texas Reality Check tells me that the monthly expenses which would be 5,595 each month that includes the following things.

- Housing : $770

- Utilities : $430

- Food : $300

- Transportation : $733

- Clothes : $500

- Health Care : $579

- Personal : $550

- Entertainment : $250

- Misc : $750

- Savings : $486

- Student Debt Loan : $247


- Monthly Expenses : $5,595


Annual Expenses :$67,182

Taxes (10% of Annual Expenses) :$16,785


Annual Salary Needed : $83,927


Healing And Relaxing Music For Meditation (Guitar And Piano 08) - Pablo Arellano