1950's Gender Roles

by Marissa Sabala, Jarriszon Puzuelos, & Wendy Gonzalez

A traditional "Alpha" male in society

men were traditionally responsible for the household income,as they were given for formal education that allowed them to acquire better paying jobs than females in perspective career opportunities. Men were only partly responsible for anything that was considered part of the domestic area of life. although they always had final say in the household.

earning money and creating a career in the 1950's

in the 1950's most medical schools had a quota to admit only 5% women and 95% men. my the mid to late 1950's 60% of all women dropped out of school before earning their degrees, most women's goal became to find husbands. to their expense girls who were attending college were expelled if they got married.

U.S right for women

In 1954 , the Women's Bureau dropped it's opposition to the Equal Rights Amendments. The era also gave women equal legal protection under the constitution.