Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter Oct. 17-21, 2016


We are trying to raise money for new playground equipment! Promote that fundraiser, peeps!

Did you know?

  • Teacher with the top classroom sales wins 1 hour of FREE TIME, covered by administrators! (Recess duty can be included)
  • All students selling at least 15 items will get to SILLY STRING Mrs. Rice!
  • If at least 50% of your class sells at least 1 item, you get an ENTERTAINMENT PASS!

Orders are due on Oct. 18

Please send remind messages and post this in your newsletters!

Building Leadership Team Minutes Oct. 10

October 10, 2016

Amy Brinker, Christi Rice, Athena Gillespie, Patrick Casey, Stephanie Hanson, Buffy Nordstrom, Rebecca Mason, Taylor Beckwith, Christy Harris, Kristin Verdi

  1. Follow-up from last time

    1. Assembly - Extreme Science Guy, May 3rd

    2. Assembly recognitions -- LEVEL UP AWARDS

      1. Kindergarten - 100 club

      2. 1st-5th Math Facts Quarterly

      3. 1st-5th CFAs monthly

        1. If students have a math IEP talk with the case worker about setting appropriate goals for that individual student and work off of that all year long

    3. Survey results (tickets)

      1. Most people want to get rid of yellow tickets but keep blue tickets

      2. Pick an end date for the ticket store - December

      3. Continue with blue tickets - Becca will update the list

      4. Someone will need to update the ticket store and transform it into something else

    4. New teacher info - for mentor meetings

      1. Conferences, Veterans Day (monument by VFW)

  1. Reading Night, 3rd - 5th

    1. Tuesday, October 18th

  2. Homecoming Parade

    1. Send forms to the office by tomorrow morning

    2. Teachers - are welcome to walk along with the float, 2:30 meet up over by the theatre slightly off Broadway

  1. Veteran’s Day assembly - outside by the flagpole

    1. Christi will contact some veterans or boy scouts

    2. 9:00 - 3-5th

    3. 9:30 - K-2

    4. Look for address to send letters/cards to wounded warriors or veterans hospitals

  2. Care Team

    1. Decided to send out “Yeah for you” post cards for kids with improved attendance

  3. Santa shop - will be previewed on a Friday. But, they will only be buying on Saturday during the breakfast
Noticing - Conscious Discipline Skills

Superintendent Search Feedback Oct. 19 3:15 @ PAC

IXL Training Together Monday Oct. 17 4pm in Room 14

Playground Litter

We are finding A LOT of water bottles on the playground after recess. PLEASE make sure that the students do not leave these outside!!!

Upcoming Events


Monday Oct. 17

Tuesday Oct. 18

Fundraiser Orders Due

3rd-5th Grade Level Up In Literacy Night 5:30-7:00pm

Wednesday Oct. 19

Missouri Day!

PLC Collaboration @ PAC 3:15 Superintendent Search Feedback

Thursday Oct. 20

5th Grade Field Trip-Blue Springs School of Economics

Friday Oct. 21

October Birthday Luncheon

Sunday Oct. 23 MIDNIGHT

Grades and comments due on PowerSchool