News From the Flock

A Peek Inside Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Kasper's Classroom

What We Are Learning and LINKS to games to Enrich and Build Mastery of Skills

Reading: We are studying character traits while reading the S.S. Historical Fiction book, A Line in the Sand.

Writing: We are reviewing grammar and writing expository essays in preparation for the upcoming STAAR Test.

Please visit the link below to help review for Writing STAAR-there will be a new one or two each week as a fun way to review writing skills previously taught. Grammar Games Link below there are 3 games in this link to play.

Social Studies: We are studying the Texas Revolution. Below is an attached study guide to our upcoming assessment.

Math: We will be measuring using both customary and metric units, along with conversions. Remember when converting big unit to small we multiply and small to big unit we divide.

Below is a math link to help with fractions a skill we have previously taught, this will help with concretely securing mastery of fractions.

Science: We will be preparing for our assessment on March 1 and finishing our DIY's and final project for ELM. Study guide attached below.

Important Dates

2/20 - Breakfast with Benny at Applebee's - 8-10 am
2/26 - Friday Live at 2:15 pm - COLOR RUN Kick-Off
​3/1 - PTO meeting/open house night
3/4 - Bennett COLOR RUN - 2:00-2:45 pm
3/7-3/11 - Spring break

3/29-Writing STAAR Test